25 Random Things About Heidi Swift

Ok, I give in.  I’ve been tagged and tagged and tagged (via Facebook) and this one is just ego-indulgent enough to hold my attention for 30 minutes  or so.  I’m told that there are rules to this game and I plan not to follow them – fair warning.

  1. I have no idea what my real hair color is.  I have been coloring it since I was 19 when my college boyfriend broke up with me and I cut it all off and dyed it bright, screaming red.  The red didn’t suit me, so I got together with my friend Jeff and he bleached it for me while we split a teener of Coors Light. Red is hard to get out – it was orange for a while.  When I finally got it truly platinum, I kept it that way for 5 years.
  2. I cannot watch “A League of Their Own” without crying through the entire thing.  Start to finish.  Well, in truth, I usually start about the time that Marla Hooch’s father is saying goodbye to her at the train station – from there on out it’s non-stop waterworks.
  3. My left toe doesn’t bend.  At all.  It’s been this way since I stretched my FHL tendon into little bits and pieces after playing a little over 160 softball games in a single year.  (The center field “jump” is what did me in.)
  4. I like mens working boots.  I had a pair of Carolina’s that I wore until the soles were gone and then I switched to Frye’s harness boot.  Not the women’s fashion wanna-be-boot version.  The mens version.  The kind you could actually get some work done in.
  5. I love make up. I don’t buy it the way I used to because of this stupid bike habit, but I have a mountain of really nice makeup upstairs from when my friend Kelly worked for MAC (I remain quite loyal to MAC).  I own every book Kevyn Aucoin wrote.  Bobbi Brown does nice neutrals but I get the feeling that she’s kind of a bitch. Nars is nice now and then.
  6. I like food that bleeds: beets and pomegranates.
  7. I never change my earrings. I’ve had the same ones in since Sal bought them for me as a present to commemorate the night we signed papers on the San Francisco loft (in 2004?). They suit me.  I like to keep things simple.
  8. I went on an exchange to Nishiwaki, Japan when I was in middle school.
  9. My family raised AKC Dobermans for a while when I was a kid. My job was to keep the runt alive. Long nights with a warm waterbottle and a syringe for tube feeding. Our doberman-mother was a multiple award-winning show dog.  She had more trophies than I ever will see in my lifetime and loved ice cream, though her diet was normally quite strict.  She hated motherhood passionately.
  10. I was raised almost exclusively on mac n cheese. It is still one of my favorite things on the planet.  Boxed, homemade, whatever.
  11. I played softball in college and it taught me to hate being locked for hours in vans with big groups of girls. It also taught me to take my lumps – we sucked. Our home uniforms were white with red pin stripes. That was unfortunate and should have been a warning.
  12. I don’t want children.  People are starting to actually believe me when I say that now that I have passed the 30 mark.
  13. I’m very untidy and loathe all things domestic. Including, and particularly, home decorating.  Poor Sal.  That said, I’m a decent cook.
  14. I am obsessed with music videos.  I TiVo them and then watch them one or two nights a week so that I’m always up to date. The videos that I like have little to do with my favorite music – two different art forms. Kanye West makes really phenomenal videos almost every time.  The Killers also manage to be consistently compelling. Rihanna usually entertains me, but her recent video with JT for “Rehab” is garbage.
  15. I am attracted to creativity and kindness.
  16. From 2001-2003 I lived with Sal at his parent’s house in San Jose. We were saving the down payment for a house. The economy was terrible so I did not want to quit my advertising job in San Francisco.  Instead, I commuted 5 hours every day between cities via buses and train.  I left for work at 5:30 in the morning and got home around 8:00pm. It was all worth it. I became very good friends with Sal’s sister and earned my honorary status as his parent’s “daughter”. Those are still two of my favorite years ever, despite the challenges.
  17. I taught self-defense in San Francisco for three years with my friend and business partner, Wendi. It is some of the most important work I have ever done.
  18. I can’t grow my hair out.  It’s never been longer than shoulder length. There are days when I think of this as a great tragedy.  Then I wake up and smell the Stumptown.
  19. I spent 6 months living on a remote cabin in the Sunol Wilderness when I was 23.  The nearest grocery store was 22 miles away and I had to drive 7 miles through three locked gates on a gravel road to get to my cabin.  The cabin had been a homesteaded property and was 120 years old – there was no electricity, no heat, no flushing toilet, and my neighbors were called “The Grimmers”. I slept with a baseball bat for the first week and listened to Mounain Lions screaming in the hills.  They sound like tortured human babies.
  20. I don’t like donuts.
  21. I will eat almost anything that comes out of the sea.  Especially sea urchin.  Sal’s mother and I used to get them fresh from her friend in Monterey.  We’d cut the tops off and then scoop the roe out with a spoon and put it on a piece of homemade bread before popping it in our mouths.  Watching this triggered Sal’s gag reflex.
  22. I keep stuff.  Handwritten notes especially.  I probably have every handwritten note ever given to me dating back to high school.  I love receiving real letters and cards but I am terrible at remembering to send them.
  23. I once shared a king bed in a motel with Sal’s ex-girlfriend.  We were staying together at a softball tournament. I woke up spooning her. She is rad.
  24. I lived in Calcutta when I was 21 and worked in Mother Teresa’s homes for the dying.  Mostly her first home, Kalighat. I also taught geography and math to elementary-aged kids at The Gandhi School.  Watching people die changed me at the core. This was also the time in my life when I officially gave up on organized religion.
  25. My sister is eight years older than I am and was The Ultimate Hero to me growing up.  Still is.
  26. I like sad music best.  The sadder the better.

Told you I wasn’t going to follow the rules.

And I’m not going to tag anyone either, so there!  But if you’ve got a few minutes on your hands, its actually kind of fun. :)  Leave a comment if you do it – it would actually be cool to learn a little bit more about you crazy kids.

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  1. No.s 5, 12, 13, 18 are exactly perfect. I concur wholeheartedly as these the same for me. I had the same thing with the hair until last year, when I finally just couldnt deal with dying it anymore.

  2. I knew yours would be amazing – just like you.

  3. You have really “been” in your thirty years, impressive!

  4. I really liked this post, I find that a lot of them tell you of the type of athlete a person is, and some of their neurotic physical adaptations, however, this post really gave a different view of the author, and some of the personal characteristics that you otherwise wouldn’t know

    Keep up the good post

  5. Thanks, Vincent! And thanks for stopping by. Don’t be a stranger.
    Miriam: It’s nice to know there’s a makeup-loving, home-decorating-loathing, non-kid-wanting kindred spirit out there. :)

  6. I finally succumbed and did the same – I actually found the list experience kind of fun in a nostalgic sort of way. It’s on my blog.
    What’s your definition of sad music? You mean like Brahms Requiem sad, or Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt” sad or ?

  7. I don’t like donuts either.

  8. 12. Me too

    18. Me too! I try and then after a week, I get the overwhelming urge to shave it all off again. Go figure. :)

    20. I’ll eat your donuts for you. What are friends for?

    23. That is so gay. No, not the part where she’s a girl–the part where she’s your bf’s ex. I just went to the beach with my ex. (We did not sleep in the same bed).

    You are a very interesting girl.

    Here’s mine.

  9. Kronda – I think the softball tournament was more gay than the “ex” part. :) I’m going to yours now!

  10. Welcome to “Open Sky”. I am a fellow shopkeeper with many passions in common. I like to “ride” too, but my ride has four legs and a long tail. Good luck with your shop. The crew at Open Sky is absolutely wonderful!

    And oh, yeah- RIDE WITH WILD ABANDON! (That’s my motto!)

  11. I love your blog. Listen to “Blue Eyes” by Elton John. It’s got to be the saddest song ever. Keep up the good work,


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