A Big, Gritty Welcome to NPR’s “On Point” Listeners

If you’re visiting today after listening to On Point’s “Cyclist culture: Pedaling Attitude“, welcome!

Grit & Glimmer has a little bit of everything, from recipes to bike racing and nutrition ramblings to cyclocross mayhem. As a freelance writer I produce a regular column for the Oregonian called The Everyday Cyclist.

If you’re looking for a little multi-media, the Cyclocross Diaries I hosted with Wend Magazine last Fall might be good for a laugh or two. Videographer Eric Keeney and I covered most of Portland’s shenanigan-prone cyclocross scene over the course of several months of races.

Into photogrpahy? Check out photo posts here.

Like Chris Horner? Peep the images of his famous Billy Demong taxi ride here.

Looking for a little inspiration? No sweat – I’m prone to sappiness. Check out the Director’s Cut of “The Meaning of Sport” or “Climbing Out of a Slump” or “Big Miles, Small Miracles, and a Four Man Rescue Team“.

Insight into the mind of a very mediocre Cat 4 road racer? Check. “There are Only So Many Matches” and “The Littlest Caribou Rides Again” have it covered.

Want to discuss issues about women in cycling? Check out “Ladies, are Bike Shops Still Failing Us?”or “Real Women and What We Want from Cycling Gear“. This discussion about Rapha’s new women’s line also spurred some good discussions about apparel

Thanks again for stopping by. Have a question? By all means, shoot me an email.


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