A New Must-Subscribe Blog: PDXCross.com

Ever wish that all the most kick-ass ‘cross photos would show up in one single location?  I’m talking meticulously edited, super documentary-style, deep-down-gritty and all that ‘cross photography should be?

Your wait is over.

A gang of professional photographers has banded together to create pdxcross.com.  Your site for astounding ‘cross photography.  Every time.

I’m telling you, these guys are masters.  I don’t recommend blogs light-heartedly, but this is one that I added to my feed list post-haste.  It kicks ass and I’m excited to see what the season bring from these guys.

Check it!


*Photos re-posted with permission from pdxcross.com

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  1. thanks for posting this.
    I was really loving their pics from
    Pain on the Peak

    enjoy everyone!

    :) Sherry

  2. Wow cool! I’d never seen them before. Thanks!

    I see you in the POTP archive. That’s a nice Lemond. Though not necessary, I wonder if there’s going to be any equipment changes this year? I’m been waiting and waiting ;)

  3. Funny you should ask, Erik :) Something just showed up on my doorstep last night…

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