A Shout Out: My Cousin Kicks it HARD

Before I get down to nighttime eating strategies, I want to give a quick shout-out to my cousin Jenny, who is fast becoming a gigantic source of inspiration for me.

Prior to this year Jenny had a fairly low level of activity.  Her eating habits weren’t the best.  She, like all of us, has battles to fight.  I won’t tell her story, because it’s hers to tell (and she does a great job of it on her blog).  This year, she started running.

And she liked it.

And she kept at it.  Even when it got hard, and she felt down. 

She started to get some control over her nutrition and she started to smarten up about it.  She’s been slowly but steadily building up a head of steam and setting herself up to reach a new level of fitness – one that will let her live a lot longer, play harder with her adorable son, and reach all kinds of crazy goals that she may have never thought possible.

This past weekend, she ran a PR  of 30.43 in her second 5k ever (18 of 38 in her field!).  She killed it big time.  She threw the gauntlet down and got to business. She went public with her goals (which is brave!), kept at her workout plans, and then crushed all doubt.  She rocks.

You can read about it here.  I’m so proud of her I could burst. 

Good on ya, Cuz.  I love you!


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One comment

  1. I would never have kept at it without your inspiration.

    I love you too!

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