A Video Answer to the “How is Tucson?” Question

The house is quiet. Two owls live in the tree outside.

A gang of coyotes are throwing a wild party somewhere out in that blackness.

The roads are long and sunny and swooping and fast. Today during a 2.5 hour ride I hit two National Parks. My buddy Michael Longmire is here and his wheel is a glorious thing to follow.

What else? Sunscreen. An unheated pool that serves as the most amazing ice bath ever. Avocados and pecans. Fish tacos, braised pork chops, persimmons, bananas, fuji apples, hibiscus tea.

I’ve got big deadlines stacked up and I don’t even mind.

I don’t have enough time or words right now to figure this all out, so for now I’ll leave you with this: snippets of iphone video edited together. Rollers through Saguaro National Park, the dirt road that leads back home, the sound of our owl friend, Mr. Hoo Hoo.

Mostly glimmer and a little grit,

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  1. Sunscreen and short sleeve jersey… I think if I watch your video again I just might get a tan vicariously. Swoon!

  2. [Green with envy.]

  3. I hope you get chased by a rabid javalina!

    Kidding! Have a great time down there. Very jealous and miss you guys but will see you in 4 weeks. Can’t wait to get down there, myself.

    Keep up the good training, Swift.


  4. When I close my eyes I can almost kid myself that my Embrocation is infact sunscreen…

  5. Chris: Especially if you use Mad Alchemy Mango variety!

  6. So, so lovely!!

  7. Cold weather mellow and medium at the mo.

    Oh how I long to smell the mangoes again… :sigh:

  8. god i love that area. love the climb up/down gates pass: bitchplease… EPIC.

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