An Overdue Thank You to Readers

Last week, I found out that you don’t actually have to be fast to win at the Cross Crusade Awards Party.

You can be lucky and win the raffle, like my friend Beth, who made off with a ridiculous set of tubular wheels.

Or you can be unlucky, flat three times in one race, go home and write a sob story about it, and then win “Best Blog Post” for said entry.

Speed?  Who needs speed?!  I have words and readers!

Seriously, though, it was a huge reminder to me how lucky I am to have such a fantastic group of readers here at the Everyday Athlete blog. You guys are the reason I wake up every day and line little words up in rows until they make semi-coherent sentences.

I have no idea who nominated the post for the award, but an extra special thank you goes out to them for thinking of me and taking the time to throw “The Curse of Villebois” into the ring.

Incidentally, the Villebois entry was the first race report that I did as part of my partnership with Wend Magazine, making the win even just a little sweeter.

So, homies, my deepest gratitude goes out to all of you. Taking the stage at the Cross Crusade party might be one of the highlights of the year… I’m truly honored.

Thank you thank you thank you.

And a final special thanks to Shannon Holt for the image at the top (she also unofficially dubbed my prom get-up “Best 80′s Outfit”) and to my family over at for this kick-ass set of photos from the moment:

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  1. And now we should flood your comments section with Thank Yous as well. Your weekly reports have been amazing, and a joy to read. Thanks!

  2. Wait a minute, what’s all this thanks to other people? I thought this was all just for me. You mean other people are allowed to read this? That’s horrible! I’VE BEEN LIVING A FARCE! YOU DUPED ME SWIFT BOAT! YOU DUPED ME!

  3. That’s, like, totally rad!

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