Anniversary Photo Flashback 002: 2003 With Sally McPants

According to my warning yesterday, prepare to be inundated with memory lane all week.

Today we’re going to spend a little more time with 2003, which was a good year – and well documented at that!

This was the year I started riding with Sal a little. We’re at the top of Willow Springs in this photo. Then, this was a granny gear climb for me but now? Now it’s all big ring, baby!

I love toy cameras. This is a crazy lomo camera that I shot a lot in 2003.

I also started using a Seagull in 2003.

Weekends on the California coast were a favorite.

After living with Sal’s family for a few years to save up a down payment on a house, we moved into a small apartment in Potrero Hill while we searched for something to buy. Our treasured toy collection decorated the entry way. Triple bonus points to anyone familiar with Filler Bunny!

Small! This apartment was about 400 square feet. Still operating off of mostly college furniture.


No comment. He will kill me for posting that.

More lomo love.

This gondola shot became a required part of every Romance-a-Thon.


Biddy is as evil as he looks.

I played a lot of softball in 2003. And by a lot I mean a lot. Just under 200 games. Really.

Sometimes we even won. : )



Every year that we lived in the Bay Area we would help Sal’s parents make the year’s supply of sugo.
200-300 jars. All in one day. Oofta! Talk about family bonding.

Evidence that I haven’t always been a beer snob.
Also, my softball nickname is Ajax – Stronger than Dirt!!

Sal with his best friend Thomas on a trip to Santa Cruz.
Deep-fried twinkies. With chocolate sauce.
This was a good trip.


We visited my family a lot in 2003. Shooting stuff is a quintessential part of making the trek north.

Me and my Pa, doin’ what we do best.

Camping sun hearts on a road trip to Seattle.

This is me fixin’ to win Sal a really cheap stuffed animal.
Romantic, right?

The Mariposa apartment had a fireplace that I still miss.

This is me lookin’ raggedy in Sal’s hand-me-down gear.
For shame!


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  1. the raggedy hand me down and ill fitting cycling gear of a newcomer. Yikes how I cringe looking back at how I used to dress

  2. I love that I remember some of these memories! I love all these pictures of you two and that pic of you by the fire is GORGEOUS! xo

  3. My crush on you guys just got a little bit bigger.

  4. Why is poor Filler Bunny in a cage?

    How oh how will he ever have any adventures if he can’t be free to be molested and abused?

    no one understands.

  5. By the way, you guys are beautiful and inspiring.

    Tomatoes in the garage ain’t no f’in around.
    I’m am awed and humbled, yet somehow not surprised.

  6. how i dream for a fireplace.
    and a bathroom, with a medicine cabinet, and all of My Stuff in it.

    also, i’ve just fallen in love with my new bern helmut
    even if that’s extremely hipster.


    peace and lovely fotos heidi, lomos are so snazzy


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