Arizona Dreamin’ in Photos: Handmade tortillas and Owls

Chilly desert morning call for puffer jackets and hot coffee.
The quiet early hours are the best for catching glimpses of surrounding wildlife.

Bye bye, moon.

Everything is spiny and sharp and dry here.
The plants all look thirsty. The rocks are parched.

That pool is cold as shit.
Bad for leisurely floating, great for ice baths.

The outdoor grill is the crown jewel.
Last night we had fresh rainbow trout cooked over hot coals.

Sally is looking more relaxed than I’ve seen him in ages.

First stop after a long ride. I go straight in, chamois and all.
Sal is too pansy to hack it: “Too cold!! Makes my ankles throb!”

Sal got all Southwest inspired last night and bought some masa for homemade tortillas.
He pressed them by putting each ball into a plastic zip log bag, then smashing them flat with the bottom of a saucepan.
We heated them over the grill and they were mind-blowing.

Sauteed brussels sprouts are always a winner.

We paired them with the grilled trout and a cous cous salad with broccoli, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts.
And wine.
Of course.

The owls came out to play again this morning.
There’s a big one and a small one and they both get really pissed off when we stare at them.
The big one delights in kicking the little one off of branches.

Fantastic SW morning skies.


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  1. mmmmm sauteed brussels sprouts! A favorite at Casa Keller.

  2. That owl Looks creepy!

    • Tommy – I have a theory going that the owl is your power animal and you are here with us in spirit.

  3. hahaha! it’s me!

  4. I think the owl is plastic. Food looks awesome! Looks like you are in prickly heaven.

  5. Owls are good omens ….. let the owl show the way….

  6. so the food was a hoot?

    he he he

    LAME joke James! Shouldn’t you be at worK?

  7. And here’s to happy hunting for all the owls!


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