Ask Me Anything

Ouch. My little writing mind is fo-frazzleed from too much jobby-job word making.

I need a distraction. Let’s chat.

Ask me anything. No, really. Anything.

I’ll answer whatever I can and whatever won’t get me arrested.

In the meantime, the editorial calendar is looking good. Stay tuned for:

  • Thoughts on the state of women in cycling from a female bike wrench.
  • A review of the Lazer Genesis helmet.
  • A long overdue review of Outlier’s women’s riding pant (too busy loving the hell out of them to stop and write about it)
  • Instructions for how to run away from home (or start your own business)
  • A slew of embarassing old photos to commemorate our upcoming 11th anniversary.
  • Food porn. And lots of it.
  • Climbing Tips from the Queen of Non-Climbers

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  1. What’s your favorite bike and favorite type of riding?

  2. Want to ride on Friday?

  3. John. Thank you – that will be a fun one!
    Bikeboy – I think I’ll be crashing the Team Vera Bradley training camp and/or Specialized lunchtime ride on Friday but otherwise I’d love to. I’m in San Jose right now – where are you?

  4. When you first got into cross, did you find that there was a bit of a “clique” mentality that you had to get passed, or was the community more open. -OR- How did you find the attitudes of the people when you first got into cross?

  5. How many levels deep can you do Pascal’s triangle in your head?

  6. I had to google “Pascal’s Triangle”. Hopefully that answers the question. : )

  7. I dare, no DOUBLE DOG DARE, you to race XTERRA Portland on August 14, 2010 at Hagg Lake.

    (I know someone who will teach you how not to drowned)


  8. What do you want to be when you grow up?

  9. Paul L. Kordus

    It seems like you ride all year long, from someone like myself who has a winter to xc ski I sometimes get burned out trying to get as much riding as possible in from March to November or December depending on the weather how do you keep from burnout?????

  10. What kind of camera do you use on your rides?

  11. yo snarkypants: I’m in Sunnyvale; possibly riding Fri & Sat mornings depending on rainyness (40% chance both days), very probably riding Sunday as weather should be better.

    You ever do the Spec’d lunch ride before? Pretty fast company! Good fun.

    DM me on twitter if you want to get a ride in.

  12. What are you doing to your photos to give them that super-bright, blown out look? (Like this one:

  13. oh I’d have to agree with Lindsay
    and how many sal’s before sal?
    those questions are completely up to you though,
    please don’t feel obligated in any way to even address them.

    2. what did you do immediately after college?

    also, i remember when you had a foot injury a while back, and you took up swimming. Maybe you could do a post about choosing a sport that fits your lifestyle/body needs/budget
    I’ve been trying to make swimming more engaging since I’ve been having trouble with my knees, but it’s sooo boring and i suck at it compared to most other athletic things, like when there’s a ball for instance.
    hrm, sorry to ramble.
    really excited about the starting your own business post!

  14. Oh, Kronda and Larisa – you’re so late! But I love you both so I will answer these in another post.

    The answers to the first ones are here:

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