Pro Tips: Talking Cadence with Julie Krasniak

15 Comments 10 April 2013

A few weeks ago I noticed an Instagram conversation around cadence. It was a photo of Julie Krasniak scarfing a snack, but one commenter noted that she was riding in the small ring, which led another commenter to note that he had seen her ride 120 miles in the small ring, spinning 110 RPMs all [...]

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PhotoGlimmer: Strangers in Hawaii

1 Comment 05 April 2013

Hawaii was almost sullen. Bodies beached and burning. Languid. Languishing? We dove in, full-on tourist style except for a few excursions to secret beaches revealed to us by friends with local knowledge. At the Royal Kona Resort octogenarians in bright red lipstick and head kerchiefs owned the late afternoon bar scene. We stayed in a lovely [...]

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Racing somewhere hot? Heat acclimation and hydration tips

6 Comments 02 April 2013

On January 18th, I decided to race MTB Ayiti. The race started on January 30th. Besides being undertrained and overweight (which I like to think of as “rested and healthy”), I was really worried about the heat. It was 34 degrees and raining in Portland while I was training and the forecast told me it [...]

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PhotoGlimmer: Remembering Flanders

3 Comments 31 March 2013

We huddled around the laptop in bed this morning, as we have done so many times before. Watched Fabian ride away this morning, as he has done so many times before. While we watched, I wondered how the women’s race was shaking out and when or if there would ever be a day when I [...]

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Cyclocross, Full Width, Life

Photoglimmer: Good Dirt in Nobeyama, Japan

2 Comments 30 March 2013

2011. Tina Brubaker. My cyclocross spirit animal.  At each fork in the road in Nobeyama, Japan that day we took whichever road looked worse. Pavement to gravel to dirt to thick, tracked-out mud. We kept going. Finally, we turned up a road that looked suspiciously like it might not actually be a road. A few [...]

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Photoglimmer: Mixtes, Heels and Wedding Daze

1 Comment 29 March 2013

She called on a Tuesday. “We’re getting married on Wednesday.” “Jennifer, that’s tomorrow.” “I know. 2:00pm. Can you make it?” I made it. And so did 5 other friends. We gathered in Washington Park rose garden. The bride and groom arrived on Linus bikes. Susan had a baby blue Public, which is what she uses to [...]

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