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Swiftwick from Rivulet: The sock to end all socks.

Friend and fellow northwesterner Jason Clark started Rivulet Industries a few years ago and recently sent me a pair of his signature socks. I tweeted a photo of Sal wearing them a few weeks ago and had several people ask where they could procure these sweet little numbers. I prodded Mister Clark to set up online sales and he’s off and running. Here’s the scoop:

These fantastic foot coverings are nothing short of phenomenal. They’re made by SwiftWick, a company with a kickass name (not that I am in any way biased) and a passion for making products that truly qualify as the crème-de-la-crème of the sock world.

Besides that (and probably more importantly) they’re branded with Clark’s brilliant slogan:


That’s just the kind of statement that makes me stay up nights pulling my hair out for not thinking of it myself. It says so much about how we walk through the world and how we might treat each other better. It gets at the heart of what’s hard, but also offers an important salve.

Kindness is underrated and often overlooked

Suffice it to say that I’m twitterpated with the Rivulet lens on the world.


You can snag a pair of these beauties over here but – fair warning – they’re not cheap at $20 a pop. The price reflects the quality (I swear to you, SwiftWick socks are unlike any others you have tried – and they’re made in the USA), the cost of customization, as well as a $1 donation that will be made to Donate Life – an organization committed to organ donation education.

Check out the press release below to learn more about the partnership between Rivulet Industries, SwiftWick socks and Donate Life.

Disclosure: Clark is a personal friend that I met through this blog and have known for a little over a year now. He gifted me two pairs of these socks but I have no financial relationship or benefit from the sale of Rivulet socks or other merchandise. I just wanted you to know how damn cool they are and where you can get them.


When avid cyclist Jason Clark launched Rivulet Industries in 2006 he didn’t know exactly where it would lead, but he had a vision for the future and it included giving back.  Three years later Clark is launching Rivulet’s first philanthropic partnership.

This week Rivulet unveiled its first items for sale on its website and Clark is donating $1 of each pair of socks sold to Donate Life Today.

Rivulet was born out of passion.  Clark was going through a rough patch in his life and decided to dust off his right brain and rediscover his creativity.

“I wanted there to be a positive spin on my pain,” said Clark. “From my pain came the idea for a branded lifestyle and a philosophy for life.  Be brave and be kind.”

Organ and tissue donation is quintessential rivulet philosophy – The generous organ donor and their brave family, who in their darkest moment see through their tragedy to be kind and generously save the lives of others.  There are more than 100,000 people desperately waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant in the United States and yet organ donation is not keeping pace with the great need.  Eighteen people will die today waiting.

“I can’t think of a more selfless act than donating your organs so someone else can live,” says Clark. “There are special people, doing special things in this world and their contributions don’t get nearly enough attention.”

By partnering up with Donate Life, Clark hopes to bring awareness about donation and start a conversation beyond the little red heart on your driver’s license.

About Rivulet Industries

Rivulet Industries’ online blog/magazine is more of a concept than a tangible entity.  Conceived from seeing the light through hardship, Rivulet strives to point out the beautiful things in life.  With our busy lives we often forget to carve out the time to do the truly important things in life:  Laughing and loving with the utmost passion.  To learn more visit Be Brave, Be Kind.

About Donate Life Today

The Donate Life Today donor registry is managed by LifeCenter Northwest — one of the 58 federally- designated non-profit organ procurement organizations (OPO) in the United States. By educating the community about the need and the importance for people to register their donation wishes, they hope to help the over 100,000 people waiting for a transplant. The Montana and Washington Donate Life Today Registry is a confidential database of donation wishes to be carried out at the time of death and accessed only by donation professionals. For more information, or to register your wishes, go to  If you are not from Montana or Washington, please visit

About Swiftwick

Swiftwick’s vision is to be the leader in sock technology while creating a culture focused on manufacturing the best products through environmentally friendly means, social responsibility, and superior customer service. They strive to create an environment where every employee, customer, and retail partner is not only respected, but essential in furthering the education of the world in proper foot health. Locally and nationally, they support eco-friendly programs while encouraging their retailers to do the same.  Swiftwick products are made in the USA.

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  1. Ditto and ditto on the Swiftwick socks. Treats for the feets.

  2. Jason Eicholtz

    Could you link these socks to your store. I do not want to lose the link!!! Love the blog, ever since boot camp.

    • Jason – thanks so much!
      I’ll see about linkin’ up ye olde socks to my store (unlikely though since they’re being sold and shipped out by a single homedude up in Seattle!), but remember you can always do a quick search up in the right. : )

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