Better Whey of Life Protein-Fortified Yogurt Review

I’m a protein freak. If you’ve read any of the nutrition-related content on this site, then you already know that. So, I was pretty stoked when Better Whey of Life contacted me to see if I’d like to sample some of their new protein-fortified yogurt.

I wasn’t at the studio when the shipment arrived and Sal called me in a tizzy, “A big refrigerated package arrived for you! What is it??!” I think he thought I joined a gourmet cheese club.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t very excited when I broke the news about the actual contents of the box.

Onto the Yogurt at Hand:

Better Whey of Life yogurt addresses two of my long-standing issues with other yogurt options: too much sugar (and corn-syrup crap to boot!) and not enough protein.

In the past I’d solved the dilemma by eating plan yogurt (greek if I was feeling spendy) sweetened with agave syrup and mixed with whole, raw fruits – so I was curious to see if Better Whey of Life could compete with my work-around.

The Nitty Gritty Numbers

  • 15-17 grams of protein per serving (whey protein, which is way good for you)
  • About 14g of sugar (less than most brands)
  • Mutliple flavors including: Strawberry banana, French vanilla, Acai mixed berry, and Peach mango
  • 6oz containers

The Real Dirt

It tastes good.  Very good.  (I’ve sampled Strawberry Banana, French Vanilla, and Peach Mango).

Does it taste better than my plain-yogurt-agave-fruit concoction?  If you’re used to the sugary single-serving grocery-store style yogurt, then yes.  If you’re me and you’ve been eating the Swift Fruit Yogurt Workaround for 3+ years, then no.  Call me stubborn, but I still like mine better (and since I use whole fruit, mine probably has more fiber, but that’s kind of splitting hairs.)

That said?  In order to match the protein content of Whey of Life, I have to add a half scoop of protein powder to the Swift Concoction and I’m going to be honest with you – no matter which fabulous protein powder I add, this combination does not taste good. And certainly not anywhere near as good as the Better Whey of Life option.

So, protein-to-protein, Better Whey has me whooped.

Is it Right for You?

If you’re currently eating previously mentioned sugar-loaded grocery store fruit yogurt options then YES.  Better Whey of Life yogurt blows that crap out of the water. No contest.

Also, unlike the Swift Fruit Yogurt Workaround, the convenient Better Whey of Life yogurt containers are much easier to pack into lunchbags and picnic baskets.

Or, if you’re a late night snacker, this could be the perfect fix for your last meal of the day.  Protein ingested before bed helps prevent the protein breakdown that occurs naturally when you sleep.

Find It.

Currently, Better Whey of Life is only available at health food stores and Whole Foods Markets (though it’s not in all Whole Foods yet, hence the refrigerated box delivery).  Check the Where To Buy link on their website for more information.

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  1. Love the name of your blog! We designed our yogurts for exactly that…the everyday athlete!

    I’m the CEO of Better Whey of Life Yogurt. Did you know that we have a plain too? That way, you can STILL make your yogurt concoction in the morning and get the following ADDITIONAL benefits…

    - 2 more grams of protein
    - 17 more grams of whey protein
    - 3 more grams of fiber

    How does that sound!?!

    I usually eat the plain myself. With all the benefits whey protein has to offer (I dropped a skirt size with whey protein), I would never go back to Greek (and, with a last name like Mazarakis, I’m Greek)!!! That should count for something!

    Thanks again for the review and all the great links! Let us know if you would like us to send you a Plain variety too. And maybe we’ll add some aged cheddar for Sal :)

    Warm regards,

    • Daphne – That’s fantastic. I’d missed the plain option on the website.
      Very funny about the greek last name :).

  2. Caroline

    Fhar out! The dairy BOMB!

  3. Traci and I have been a huge fan of Greek Yogurt for the +protein -carb (mainly the -sugar since I’m diabetic), we’ve only found one type of Greek Yogurt that fits our taste and its unfortunately fairly spendy. (TJ’s)

    We tend to toss a bit of granola into our yogurt for breakfast. Have been eating it like that for the past couple years. :)

    Let me know how the plain yogurt is!

  4. For greek I also like the TJ’s… and I’m partial to Fage. I also recently bought Goat’s Milk yogurt from TJ’s and was super impressed with the richness. Definitely could be an acquired taste but I liked it a lot and even Sally-pants gave it a stamp of approval.

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