Bike Fighting: Lady is the Boss

I’ve wanted a BMX bike for three years.  Every year, I ask for one for my birthday.  Last year I got a Dutch cruiser instead.  This year, I spent all the allotted birthday money throwing a big-assed party.

I’ve got a secret crush on BMX culture.  The perfect way the boys get their boxers to show just right underneath they’re low-ridin’, skinny jeans… the colors, the graphics, the brazen disregard for potential brain damage.

But this?  This seals the deal. This is making the rounds… but I found it here.

Are you kidding me? Does anyone want to buy a Batavus Old Dutch? Mama needs a fightin’ machine.

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  1. holy…crap….

    It’s OK. I (not too secretly) want to go up to Skibowl and race some burly 12-inch travel down hill bike.

  2. Awesome crossover appeal with old Kung Fu movies and BMX bikes! I love the squealing tire sounds, and the flashy yet ineffective jump over the girl/bike.

  3. Not since ET have I seen such amazing BMX bike riding

  4. Oh, I do that kind of stuff on my LeMond Poprad all the time. That’s why I don’t hate Alpenrose. :)

    Puttin’ the RAD* in “Poprad”!

    *Bonus BMX movie reference.

  5. Ha ha ha.
    Brian, you’re so dope – we’re totally not worthy!

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