Cancer: Beware Fast Cyclists Who Sew!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my home-girl Lindsay was diagnosed with breast cancer recently. Her initial diagnosis was great (as great as a cancer diagnosis can be, perhaps) and we didn’t think she was even going to have to deal with chemo. But there were complications. And some surprises. Unpleasant surprises.

I’ll spare you the details (you can read them all here on LK’s blog, which is a fantastic, well-written, raw, honest, gut-wrenching blow-by-blow account of her battle, but the short story is that Lindsay started Chemo this week. She’s choking down a huge cocktail of drugs (including horse-worthy steroids) and has been achingly fatigued. She’s got a long road ahead of her but her troops are rallied and we’re doing are god-dammed best.

Count Sarah Tingey – Ms. Crafty Fabuloso - among the charging infantry.

Sarah rallied friends, bike racers and all variety of crafty supporters to create a custom Chemo Quilt for LK.  Made from squares contributed by a slew of friends, it’s backed with “minky” – a lightweight, softer version of fleece so Linds will be snugly warm and wrapped in kick-ass Lady Friend Support for the duration of her chemo treatments.

Sarah’s mom even sewed a special bag for easy transport of Chemo Quilt, water bottle and reading material to and from treatments. How’s that for Crafty McCrafterson!

Thanks to everyone who contributed squares, helped with construction, and donated money for flowers and supplies. Special thanks to Sarah Tingey for brainstorming, coordinating, directing and executing this super awesome idea.

Lindsay – Go forward and commence with the CANCER ASS-KICKING that we all know you are about to dish out.

Love you, lady.

The “Whip Cancer” square by Stephanie Chase has been a big crowd favorite! So rad!

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  1. I love you ladies. So much.

  2. Best wishes Lindsay!

  3. The women’s bike community is amazing! Definitely could not have made the quilt happen without help from fellwow bridgetown velo’er Michelle who did all the quilting! Or from all the other crafty contributions from Hammer Velo, Sorella Forte, Bridgetown Velo & Veloforma. Thank you!

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