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3 More Women’s Fitness Blogs that Don’t Suck

9 Comments 29 May 2013

Since I wrote “3 Women’s Fitness Blogs that Actually Don’t Suck“, a lot has changed. Sadly, Maggie Wang stopped blogging and Skwigg is also mostly MIA. Stumptuous (definitely the best of the three) still kicks out some gems, but Krista is pretty busy working on other projects so the updates are fewer and farther between. [...]

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GnG Does Portland Yoga Studios (Sweet Intro Offers Abound!)

8 Comments 10 May 2011

I’ve never really considered myself a yoga person, but here I am – writing about yoga. Take it for what it’s worth because I’m possibly the un-yogi-est yoga lady in the whole world. This year I made a conscious decision to get better about having a consistent practice. People do yoga for lots of reasons [...]

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Ladies Auxiliary ‘Cross Skinsuits – Get ‘em While They’re Hot!

19 Comments 08 October 2010

Available for the next three days only (accepting order through Monday 8am), I give you the Ladies Auxiliarysuper ninja-fied skinsuit of death! (hey, did I mention that I started a women’s cross team with Natalie Ramsland of Sweetpea Bicycles? I did! It’s rad! It’s so fun! More on that later.) These Castelli speedsuits are OH-LA-LA [...]

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Everyday Elation: Turn Hope into Cash with Plus 3 Network

5 Comments 22 May 2010

Here’s what happens when I run. One foot in front of the other. Heartrate rising. Rampant release of Capital G Goodness into the bloodstream. Floodgates open. Muted elation. Everyday elation. Can we have that? Everyday elation? Do we deserve that? I think we do. But it doesn’t just stop at elation. It doesn’t just stop [...]

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Three Fitness Blogs for Women that Actually Don’t Suck

51 Comments 19 May 2010

(Photo credit for the lede photo as well as the one shown below, goes to Joy Olayta) NOTE: I have recently published an updated version of this post with three new blogs: “Three More Fitness Blogs for Women That Don’t Suck” The fitness industry is a monster. You know it and I know it. They [...]

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Guest Post: Why Not Eat a Box and Other Crazy Ideas for Weight Loss

Comments Off 08 May 2010

By some stroke of unfortunate web surfing, I just landed on a story about Jennifer Aniston embarking on a “baby food diet”. In general, I am completely oblivious to the lives of Hollywood stars (I’ll confess I just had to look up the spelling for Aniston’s last name), but I was reminded by this article [...]

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