Anniversary Photo Flashback 002: 2003 With Sally McPants

6 Comments 16 March 2010

According to my warning yesterday, prepare to be inundated with memory lane all week. Today we’re going to spend a little more time with 2003, which was a good year – and well documented at that! This was the year I started riding with Sal a little. We’re at the top of Willow Springs in [...]

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Happy 11th Anniversary, Sicilian.

12 Comments 15 March 2010

It’s true. Today’s our anniversary. I read somewhere that on the 11th anniversary you’re supposed to give dirty laundry, so that’s my plan. But before I surprise him with house chores, a little stroll down memory lane. 1999 and 2000 were precariously documented because I was still in college and therefore somewhat preoccupied, but 2001 [...]

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Foam Roller FTW: Tips, Links and a Discount

8 Comments 11 March 2010

I was introduced to foam rolling about four years ago at a Boot Camp and sometimes it’s hard to believe I ever lived my life this super simple little stack of foamy love. If you’re not yet familiar with it, the technical term for “foam rolling” is self myofascial release (SMR) which frankly sounds kind [...]

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Eight Years Ago Today I was a Self Defense Instructor

10 Comments 03 February 2010

Eight years ago today I was a self defense instructor, waking up after a long workshop throwing punches. I headed to my “day job” at an ad agency. I wrote things that were too dramatic, but still important. I read this stuff and cringe. But it’s important as a marker.  I was a self-defense instructor [...]

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Nutrition, Wellness

Ch-ch-ch-chia! It’s for breakfast.

9 Comments 23 December 2009

You heard me right. I’m eating Chia. Out of a bowl. With almond milk. Voluntarily. Chia Goodness contacted me a little over a month ago to ask if I would like to sample their new cereal and I happily agreed, remembering the hairy Chia plant characters of my youth with a fond sigh. They sent [...]

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Cycling, Training, Wellness

Kick Your Sick: Hanging Tough Through Cold and Flu Season

22 Comments 05 November 2009

Guess what? I’m almost not sick anymore! Rad. It’s only been… what – six weeks now? No problem. I’d feel bad for myself if I didn’t know that half of the rest of the cyclocross community was also sick. And racing through sickness. Sal reported this morning that I am coughing less and less during [...]

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