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Get Up, Get Up, Get On It

5 Comments 07 January 2009

Do you feel that? It’s a lull.  It’s a big-assed lull. It’s like the holidays hit and then passed and then dried up and now we’re here with this wind and that flooding. I wake up in the middle of the night and there is a bar room brawl in the tree branches above me.  [...]

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Happy New Year! (And other small things)

5 Comments 02 January 2009

Clock ticking over.  Random drunkenness.  Kissing? It’s the new year, so technically I am blog-ilogically obligated to say something about goal-setting or starting fresh or winter base miles, right? I’ll probably say these things.  Later.  Maybe. Goals are for the good and base miles make cyclists all of the things that they can be later [...]

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Pow Pow Power Training: Coming to a Bike Near You

12 Comments 17 December 2008

On Going to the Dark Side Power training? Really? Yep, really. There are forces at battle within me.  The emotional side of me loves the uncalculated, un-analyzed raw execution of sport: we are not equations and we should not be reduced to a set of numbers laid out on charts, mapped in graphs, and pored [...]

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Boot Camp Diary Archives: Day Three – Molly on the Mountain

3 Comments 16 December 2008

I’m a bit behind posting boot camp diary entries publicly, but I’ve been keeping them tucked away for a winter day and I’m pretty sure that tonight qualifies… brrrr. Molly finished her ascent to applause and cheering.  She was the last of the group to climb the long set of slippery cement stairs, and the [...]

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Boot Camp Diary: Day 2 – Fun’s Over

8 Comments 03 December 2008

I am going to write this now, while I can still type. Because I’m pretty sure that tomorrow morning I will wake up unable to move my arms or use my trunk to get out of bed.  Sal will have to spoon feed me my daily quota of broccoli and grilled chicken, while I wait [...]

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The Cyclist Returns to Boot Camp

9 Comments 01 December 2008

I spent most of 2007 waking up between 4:30 and 5:10am and heading off to Portland Adventure Bootcamp.  I’d found the program by doing an internet search after hearing about the concept from a midwestern cyclocrosser. When I went that January, I was at the end of my rope.  I was working 70-80 hours a [...]

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