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Ch-ch-ch-chia! It’s for breakfast.

9 Comments 23 December 2009

You heard me right. I’m eating Chia. Out of a bowl. With almond milk. Voluntarily. Chia Goodness contacted me a little over a month ago to ask if I would like to sample their new cereal and I happily agreed, remembering the hairy Chia plant characters of my youth with a fond sigh. They sent [...]

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Kick Your Sick: Hanging Tough Through Cold and Flu Season

22 Comments 05 November 2009

Guess what? I’m almost not sick anymore! Rad. It’s only been… what – six weeks now? No problem. I’d feel bad for myself if I didn’t know that half of the rest of the cyclocross community was also sick. And racing through sickness. Sal reported this morning that I am coughing less and less during [...]

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Nutrition, Wellness

Kombucha: Brilliant or Barf-Tastic?

7 Comments 30 June 2009

I love Kombucha. It tastes weird, is unpredictably fizzy, makes rampant and unfounded health claims, and costs a small fortune - I mean how much better can a hippy, new-age, health fad get?

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Boot Camp Diary: Day 2 – Fun’s Over

8 Comments 03 December 2008

I am going to write this now, while I can still type. Because I’m pretty sure that tomorrow morning I will wake up unable to move my arms or use my trunk to get out of bed.  Sal will have to spoon feed me my daily quota of broccoli and grilled chicken, while I wait [...]

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Climbing Out of a Slump

4 Comments 12 June 2008

"You’re in a slump. Put your kit on."  Sal is standing in the bedroom holding my bibs.  I am laying on the big king bed holding my ugly doll with a pillow over my head: "I DONT WANT TO GO!" That is only half true but I am throwing a tantrum so this has to [...]

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Fitness, Nutrition, Training, Wellness

No Really, Get Your Iron Checked.

7 Comments 16 April 2008

I’ll admit it.  I was mega-skeptical about this whole iron thing when it came up.  It’s one of those things where one person tells you about something and then you start hearing it all over. The iron buzz!!  Get your iron checked!  Everyone is doing it! It all started last year when I met HG [...]

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