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Progress, Diversion, Perspective. In doses.

5 Comments 08 April 2008

I have always complained about the way cycling is all-consuming.  I complained about it in the beginning when I was a Cycling Widow and I will complain about it now that I am a Cycling Harlot. It takes over everything.  Everything. The clothing – it must be constantly washed and cared for.  The gear must [...]

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Cycling, Fitness, Training, Wellness

Training While Sick: What’s the Verdict?

11 Comments 27 February 2008

My cousin asked me about this a little over a month ago when she was down with some really nasty cold/flu stuff.  "Should I run?" I told her to stop and get better.  Or, if she did want to get a few miles in just for sanity’s sake, to go someplace warm (a gym) and [...]

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Wow. I Heart Analog Saturday.

8 Comments 13 January 2008

I missed you.  I missed you so much. In the morning I woke up and thought about you.  I wondered if you had watched the video and what you would think.  I wondered what you were wearing… wait.  I didn’t wonder that. But I did miss you. Analog Saturday was hard at first.  I wanted [...]

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Analog Saturdays: What’s Next in Sanity

4 Comments 08 January 2008

I have often joked that I am surgically attached to my laptop.  I love my laptop.  I sometimes sleep with it on the nightstand next to me.  All my precious work is in my laptop.  All my little internets are in the laptop.  When I go to bed, I tuck them in.  I know they [...]

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Yoga for the Non-Yogi

3 Comments 08 January 2008

Tony Horton is many things, but a yogi he is not.  (Aside: Tony Horton is the guy behind P90X, the program I am doing right now.) As I’m watching his impressive legs move in his little tight yoga pants, I’m thinking more about the fact that he looks like a kid who is ready to [...]

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Going Dry: Giving Up the Bottle

9 Comments 06 January 2008

Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you that I like my beer.  Specifically, I like it dark and strong.  When I moved to Portland, it was like moving to the beer-lover’s wonderland.  This place is wall to wall with absolutely stunning brews. In San Francisco, I was more inclined to order a good [...]

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