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Why You Probably Won’t Keep Your New Years Resolutions (And how to launch a pre-emptive strike)

3 Comments 31 December 2007

New Years is an awesome time.  It’s a time when many people feel like they are getting a fresh start.  A clean page.  A blank slate.  It’s a new year!  Full of possibilities!  Full of potential!  The sky is the limit!  Anything can happen!  Indeed, this manic energy is catching.  The electricity of so much [...]

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Running is My Always Lover

11 Comments 17 December 2007

I’ve always been a runner.  No really, I’m one of those people that can not run for ages and then just go out and do five miles – or six – whatever.  It’s just sort of how I’m built.  It’s in my blood.  It’s like breathing to me… just part of how I make it [...]

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Yoga Blocks and Motivation

2 Comments 14 December 2007

People frequently ask me "how I stay so motivated". It’s true, I’m a pretty high energy person (the people in my life right now are laughing at my use of understatement), but I’m definitely not always motivated.  I was thinking about this yesterday because Skwigg answered this question for the second time on her blog [...]

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A Shout Out: My Cousin Kicks it HARD

1 Comment 11 December 2007

Before I get down to nighttime eating strategies, I want to give a quick shout-out to my cousin Jenny, who is fast becoming a gigantic source of inspiration for me. Prior to this year Jenny had a fairly low level of activity.  Her eating habits weren’t the best.  She, like all of us, has battles [...]

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Willpower. It Only Works When Your Heart is Really In It.

9 Comments 10 December 2007

In order to preempt the inevitable post-cylcocross depression, I put together an extensive off-season fitness plan with clear, measurable goals, and clear steps. On Monday morning after the USGP I knew exactly what I needed to do, so I woke up and did it. I did my "intake" test and measurements for P90X.  The week [...]

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The Forgotten Muscle: Exercise Gratitude

7 Comments 30 October 2007

I spoke to my best friend the other day for the first time in too long. I was thankful to hear her somewhat weak voice. I was thankful that she was alive after life-threatening illness and subsequent surgery. I was thankful that we were both able to forgive me for being too far out of [...]

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