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27 Nutrition Tips from The Master (John Berardi): Part One

5 Comments 22 October 2007

When it comes to nutriton, there are a lot of voices out there on the internet vying for your attention. Doing a simple search for “best nutrition strategies” can be overwhelming enough to deter you from making the changes that you want to make. Who to believe?! Everyone is a fitness expert, right? Every new [...]

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Cycling Buddy: Find a Workout Partner for Inspiration

5 Comments 18 October 2007

Leif Erickson trail is dark and damp.  We roll up it, turning over pedals with legs that are something more than tired. Spent. We’re recovering.  Neither one of us really understands this “recovery ride” thing, but we’ve learned to have faith and take chances.  We’re giving it a shot. We are alone.  At least so [...]

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Gear Friday: Not My iPhone

1 Comment 10 August 2007

I’ll be honest. For today’s Gear Friday feature I really want to write about my iPhone. Why? Because amidst the chaos that I have created for myself this month,

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Sleep Station: Ten Tips for Getting Better WinkEye

3 Comments 18 June 2007

I’m big on sleep. Earlier this year when I was still spinning marketing cogs for a software company in town, I went through a two and a half month period of really, really crappy sleep. We were preparing to launch a huge new product and the to-do list that was in front of us was [...]

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This Workout Will Kick Your Ass.

3 Comments 23 May 2007

Yes, I mean you. I have just returned from San Jose and we’ll suffice it to say that staying with Sal’s parents for 8 days was a test of ye olde’ nutrition plan. I went into damage control mode and focused on portions, not content. What are you going to do when you have this [...]

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The Real Reason Behind All This Fitness Hoo-Ha

2 Comments 16 May 2007

Sally just went under the knife. Being in this waiting room has reminded me of all the really important reasons that we should do our best to take care of our bodies and minds.  When I get really tied up in measuring and restricting and calculating, it’s nice to have a moment like this to [...]

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