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My Ten Favorite Super Foods

Comments Off 15 May 2007

I’m calling these foods “super” because they deliver outstanding nutritional value, fit effortlessly into my lifestyle, and generally shine. There are a lot of foods in the world so this was a pretty difficult list to narrow down. Apples: Sweet, like natures candy! Satisfying – an apple never fails to take the edge off if [...]

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Don’t Call it a Comeback

Comments Off 04 May 2007

On Wednesday I popped out of bed at 4:15am.  I was elated!  I felt normal again.  I felt like ME!  The sickness, the plague, the illness… she’s subsided. In truth, I wasn’t 100% well, but there wasn’t a constant pounding in my head and my lymph nodes weren’t the size of golf balls anymore.  I [...]

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The Power of Positive Thinking

1 Comment 01 May 2007

My little cold from last week turned into a big cold. I didn’t work out from Tuesday until Sunday. If you know me, you know how incredibly hard this was for me. Indeed, I’ve been hammered left, right, and sideways by this thing. My glands are swollen, I’m congested, and I’ve got a perpetual headache [...]

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