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GnG Does Portland Yoga Studios (Sweet Intro Offers Abound!)

8 Comments 10 May 2011

I’ve never really considered myself a yoga person, but here I am – writing about yoga. Take it for what it’s worth because I’m possibly the un-yogi-est yoga lady in the whole world. This year I made a conscious decision to get better about having a consistent practice. People do yoga for lots of reasons [...]

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Heaven in Vernonia: Coastal Mountain Sport Haus (a yoga and cycling retreat!)

17 Comments 08 October 2009

It’s a cycling lodge, a yoga retreat, and a must-see Oregon getaway. I had the pleasure of shooting the Coastal Mountain Sport Haus over in Vernonia, Oregon and – I gotta tell you – I think they’re onto something. Innkeeper (and yoga extraordinaire) Sandy is having a yoga retreat over Halloween weekend – check the [...]

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Yoga for the Non-Yogi

3 Comments 08 January 2008

Tony Horton is many things, but a yogi he is not.  (Aside: Tony Horton is the guy behind P90X, the program I am doing right now.) As I’m watching his impressive legs move in his little tight yoga pants, I’m thinking more about the fact that he looks like a kid who is ready to [...]

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Yoga Blocks and Motivation

2 Comments 14 December 2007

People frequently ask me "how I stay so motivated". It’s true, I’m a pretty high energy person (the people in my life right now are laughing at my use of understatement), but I’m definitely not always motivated.  I was thinking about this yesterday because Skwigg answered this question for the second time on her blog [...]

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The Mother of All Sports Bras

8 Comments 28 November 2007

When it comes to sports bras, I’m partial.  Not fancy, but partial.  You may think that it’s not important for us microscopically endowed ladies but I’m here to tell you – it is. For years and years and years my favorite sports bras were two plain black ones that I got from Fred Meyer as [...]

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Life, settling.

Comments Off 06 October 2006

When you get up at 5:30am  to work on projects and the first thing that your computer tells you is:  “There has been a fatal error in InDesign.  The program is shutting down.” it probably means that you should go back to bed. Instead I sigh, re-open the program, and check to see how much [...]

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