Weight Loss

Resolutions in Reverse: 23 Pounds and Counting

34 Comments 31 December 2010

If you had asked me in June if I thought I had 23 pounds to lose, I would have said no. Everyone probably would have said that. 10, sure. 15? maybe. I carry weight well. I get curvy. I know what to wear. Short summer dresses with good drape. A shoe with a heel. It’s [...]

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The Daily Shake: “Black Hole” Version

2 Comments 02 May 2010

I made a black shake today. Black. You are reading that correctly. Sweet Jesus, it’s the ugliest shake I’ve ever made. But, you know I wouldn’t post a shake recipe here if it didn’t taste good, so take my word for it. I’m not posting photos because I don’t want to scare you. Shake Theory [...]

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The Daily Shake: Today’s Smoothie Monster of Death

5 Comments 27 April 2010

I’ve taken to drinking a morning smoothie instead of the spinach-mushroom-and-egg-white breakfast that I previously adhered to for years. The more I drink, the bolder I get. I figure I better start keeping track so if I die, at least I’ll have a record of what did me in. Today’s Monster 1/2 cup unsweetened almond [...]

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Food, Photos

Photo Flashback: New Years Eve Dinner with the Siciliani

3 Comments 02 March 2010

Meals with Sal’s family in Little Sicily (his childhood home) are something to behold. Whether it’s a weeknight dinner or a big to-do like the New Years Eve spread below, I’m consistently floored, humbled and honored to be around the table. These images never quite made it to prime time after our holiday visit, so [...]

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Super-Food Slam: The Ugliest Smoothie You’ll Ever Love

5 Comments 16 February 2010

Like most people, I go through food phases. Right now, I’m kind of over the big salads that were making me happy for the past few months. Yet I know that I’ve got to get those all-important greens and I’m really trying to stay up on my Omega-3′s and healthy fats. Earlier this week, I [...]

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Maynard’s Kitchen: Tucson Food Orgasm

6 Comments 22 January 2010

About a week after I arrived in Tucson, several friends forwarded me this New York Times article: “36  Hours in Tucson“. What luck! What timing! Our days here are mostly filled with work and riding and eating, a little culture never hurt anybody so I packed up my favorite only boyfriend and headed downtown for [...]

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