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In the O: Weight-obsessed? Lighten up.

8 Comments 18 January 2010

Looking for the Recipes? If you’re looking for the recipes mentioned in yesterday’s Oregonian column, look no further. Pecan-Crusted Salmon and Roasty Toasty Kale at your fingertips! This week’s column for the Oregonian is a humorous (and personal) look at cyclists’ obsession with weight and weight loss with a few winter tips thrown in for [...]

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Food Bonanza in Progress

4 Comments 10 January 2010

It’s Sunday and today marks our first full week in Arizona. I’m tired, calm, focused, and satisfied. There were a lot of unknowns coming into this experiment and things are working out.  That’s exciting. In seven days I’ve gotten back to three things that make me energized and balanced: riding, writing, and cooking. There’s still [...]

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Kitchen Sink Smoothie (Or “How to Build a Kick-Ass Smoothie”)

5 Comments 07 January 2010

[Scroll down for recipe.] General Guidelines for Building a Kick-Ass Smoothie or Shake I love a good smoothie. I have a long history with protein shakes (like the Double Chocolate Pecan Protein Shake, which you should try immediately if you have not already). I enjoy the challenge of making something that sounds so terrible (“protein [...]

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Nutrition, Wellness

Ch-ch-ch-chia! It’s for breakfast.

9 Comments 23 December 2009

You heard me right. I’m eating Chia. Out of a bowl. With almond milk. Voluntarily. Chia Goodness contacted me a little over a month ago to ask if I would like to sample their new cereal and I happily agreed, remembering the hairy Chia plant characters of my youth with a fond sigh. They sent [...]

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Trust me, exercise won’t make you fat.

7 Comments 14 August 2009

I almost titled this post “If you’re reading Time Magazine, you already have a problem.” That’s how much I despise that rag. Last week they released a story about how exercising makes you fatter. Or something like that. By the time I finally felt compelled to see what the hell was going on, I was [...]

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Nutrition, Wellness

Kombucha: Brilliant or Barf-Tastic?

7 Comments 30 June 2009

I love Kombucha. It tastes weird, is unpredictably fizzy, makes rampant and unfounded health claims, and costs a small fortune - I mean how much better can a hippy, new-age, health fad get?

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