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Kale Krazy: Roasty Toasty Roughage

4 Comments 12 May 2009

Super easy, stupid-simple and seriously savory. This is going to become a regular snack around here for sure. As scary-good as kale is for your health, you should give it a shot, too. You may even be able to convert some non-believers. Thanks to Patrick and Michael for the roasting tip! There were a few other recipes mentioned that I plan to try in the next few weeks. Stay tuned, Kale Komandos.

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Kale that Doesn’t Suck

16 Comments 10 May 2009

I love kale. There, I said it. But I know that not everyone gets as into dinosaur food as I do. Usually, I just chop it, steam it, salt it and eat it, but tonight I decided to put a little effort in and see if I could make it palatable for Sal. It worked. This is simple - and would be great for spinach or chard or other leafy greens, too - but I swear it's good. Sal-tested, Sicilian-approved.

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Better Whey of Life Protein-Fortified Yogurt Review

6 Comments 05 May 2009

Protein-fortified yogurt? Get the full scoop on this new, improved yogurt product from Better Whey of Life. Protein bonanza! Yee-haw!

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7 Tips for Endurance Nutrition

3 Comments 04 February 2009

Training camp isn’t just all long rides and sunshine. The beauty of being at the Cycling House is that the staff is a sweet, little band of pros and former pros – and they’re eager to share their knowledge. Night time means cozying up in the living room for talk-time.  It’s kind of like singing [...]

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Wait, Did You Just Say “Diabetic”?

22 Comments 15 January 2009

Actually, she said “pre-diabetic”. But the D word still came out. I held the phone away from my ear for a moment and made a “WTF” face. “Really?” “Yeah, your glucose levels are really high.  Not in the diabetic range yet, but very close.”

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The Party’s Over

2 Comments 22 November 2008

My approach is all backwards, but my standard M.O. is to party all ‘cross season and then suddenly dig my heels in and bring the whole overindulgence thing to a screeching halt. I tend to be all-in or all-out.  It’s one or the other.  People say, “Just have one beer.” and I think to myself, [...]

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