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Photoglimmer: Good Dirt in Nobeyama, Japan

2 Comments 30 March 2013

2011. Tina Brubaker. My cyclocross spirit animal.  At each fork in the road in Nobeyama, Japan that day we took whichever road looked worse. Pavement to gravel to dirt to thick, tracked-out mud. We kept going. Finally, we turned up a road that looked suspiciously like it might not actually be a road. A few [...]

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Photoglimmer: Mixtes, Heels and Wedding Daze

1 Comment 29 March 2013

She called on a Tuesday. “We’re getting married on Wednesday.” “Jennifer, that’s tomorrow.” “I know. 2:00pm. Can you make it?” I made it. And so did 5 other friends. We gathered in Washington Park rose garden. The bride and groom arrived on Linus bikes. Susan had a baby blue Public, which is what she uses to [...]

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Photoglimmer: Those Red Shoes

3 Comments 28 March 2013

Standing in what politicians call Spain, looking north into what politicians call France. Truth is, we were neither place. On top of this watchtower on our way to a mountain bike ride that would remain one of my all time favorites for years to come, we were squarely in the middle of Basque Country. Just [...]

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PhotoGlimmer: Camp N Ride

2 Comments 27 March 2013

Mile 19. You pointed to the left and said, “Look at that road.” It was the straight kind that goes into forever and then keeps going a little further. Farm road. Quiet. Looked suspiciously like it might turn into gravel. (It did.) We turned off the highway and pedaled out toward the horizon. We did [...]

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Backlit Chaos: Tumalo Mountain

2 Comments 26 March 2013

Twenty-six degrees and sun rising in bright white claws that get longer as they come at us over the peak of the mountain. You forgot your goggles and so did I. You forgot your windproof outer layer and so did I. You forgot to bring the miniature thermos of tea and so did I. At [...]

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Last Call for InGamba Chianti Women’s Trip

2 Comments 25 March 2013

When I dream of 2012, I dream of Chianti. Never mind that long ride around France – I left my heart in the sweeping vineyards and charming restaurants and tiny streets of Tuscany. I count myself endlessly lucky to be able to go back and take a few food-bike-and-wine loving ladies with me. Lecchi will [...]

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