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Chicks Dig the Ride

6 Comments 19 May 2011

In 2005 I wrote “Chicks Dig the Long Ball”, a short conversation in which my softball teammate Kath and I debated the virtues of the fat, soaring long ball versus, say, an opposite field triple. [Let the record show that I favor the opposite field triple although in 2005 I couldn't pull it off. In [...]

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GnG Does Portland Yoga Studios (Sweet Intro Offers Abound!)

8 Comments 10 May 2011

I’ve never really considered myself a yoga person, but here I am – writing about yoga. Take it for what it’s worth because I’m possibly the un-yogi-est yoga lady in the whole world. This year I made a conscious decision to get better about having a consistent practice. People do yoga for lots of reasons [...]

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Visual Spinach: Three Motivational Videos

13 Comments 28 April 2011

Motivation. It’s the thing I get asked about almost more than anything else. My usual answer is, “Don’t rely on motivation. create habits and then be consistent.” So, get up in the morning at 5:00am not because you’re motivated to do it (trust me, you’ll be waiting for a long time), but because that’s just [...]

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Southern California Solo Desert Tour: Just the Photos

13 Comments 07 March 2011

Hot, dry, desolate, vibrant, bad, good, creepy, calming, inspiring, crazy, and everything in between; this was definitely one of the strangest trips I’ve taken in a while. From camping in the Yuha Desert near a state prison to tackling the majestic Montezuma Grade in Anza-Borrego State Park, there was a little bit of everything. Highs [...]

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Love For Sale. (Pinarello, Batavus, LeMond, Specialized Stumpjumper!)

6 Comments 14 February 2011

Ok, boys and girls – it’s the Grit & Glimmer big bike blowout. I’m letting go of four of my bikes and, though it breaks my heart to do it, the time has come. All of these bikes are being sold simply because they are not being ridden. (If you ask me, that’s the most [...]

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Photos from the Photo Show: Bikethropology at Courier Coffee

2 Comments 28 January 2011

Count this as a mega thank you to Joel and all the awesome boys over at Courier Coffee for hosting our photo show this past month. Elly Blue, Russ Roca and I each hung cycling-related work depicting our individual perspectives on the world of two-wheeled wonder. Thanks also to everyone who turned up at our [...]

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