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Coming home is not about the coffee.

7 Comments 15 October 2013

I’m back. Two months away chasing bicycle stories and bicycle riders and bicycle photos. Two months away is a long time. Long enough to forget lots of little details: the way the cats curl into little balls when they find a good pool of sun, the way the kitchen smells when the garlic first hits [...]

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Sometimes You Get Lucky

12 Comments 22 August 2013

Judith came to me by accident. A friend knew this Swiss girl from the internet who was looking for an interesting and inexpensive place to stay in Portland. I’d just returned from spending some time in the Basque Country of Spain where the kindness of strangers had turned a good trip into an amazing trip. [...]

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Small Things: My Morning Coffee Delivery

8 Comments 22 May 2013

Diamond rings, fancy houses, fast cars, fresh cut flowers? You can keep all that shiny stuff. He brings me coffee every morning. Every single morning. Hot, strong, perfect coffee. Even when we’re camping. It’s the thing I miss most when I’m away. Winky-eyed and warm at 5 in the morning, the entire day stretched out [...]

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Photoglimmer: Good Dirt in Nobeyama, Japan

2 Comments 30 March 2013

2011. Tina Brubaker. My cyclocross spirit animal.  At each fork in the road in Nobeyama, Japan that day we took whichever road looked worse. Pavement to gravel to dirt to thick, tracked-out mud. We kept going. Finally, we turned up a road that looked suspiciously like it might not actually be a road. A few [...]

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Photoglimmer: Mixtes, Heels and Wedding Daze

1 Comment 29 March 2013

She called on a Tuesday. “We’re getting married on Wednesday.” “Jennifer, that’s tomorrow.” “I know. 2:00pm. Can you make it?” I made it. And so did 5 other friends. We gathered in Washington Park rose garden. The bride and groom arrived on Linus bikes. Susan had a baby blue Public, which is what she uses to [...]

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14 Years for Marriage Equality

4 Comments 27 March 2013

Everyone is talking about marriage equality. Again. I remember the last time this happened in a significant way for me. The Knight Initiative, Prop 22 in 2000. In California. Again. I was Co-President of Seattle University’s Triangle Club at that time. I remember lobbying so hard and sending so many emails and having so many [...]

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