Reject Resolutions and Set Real Goals Instead

11 Comments 29 December 2010

I hate New Year’s resolutions for the same reason that many people do: no one ever keeps them. They’re empty promises that we make to ourselves in a moment of sudden (and possibly drunken) self reflection. They’re fits of flailing optimism unmitigated by any kind of real planning or clearly defined goal. They’re garbage. If [...]

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Dear Diary, Running

Dear Diary 014: Winter Running and Yellow Attack Hug Memories

1 Comment 20 December 2010

There was a couple running together on a country road. They were chatting while the woman’s long ponytail bobbed obediently behind her. The sight of them made me shudder. I prefer to run alone. Last week I found every song in my iTunes library that had the word “run” in the title and made a [...]

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Cyclocross, Dear Diary

Dear Diary 013: Post-Cyclocross Depression

10 Comments 17 December 2010

[Lede photo by PDXcross] The cyclocross high is wearing off and the hangover is heavy. In January I’ll go to California and get 5 more races in, but I might as well be a junkie at a methadone clinic. I know it’s ending. It won’t be the same. It will just keep me from jumping [...]

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Full Width, Life

The Joni Kabana Effect (Living Your Best Damn Life)

8 Comments 22 November 2010

This is a post about how to change your life (and how meeting amazing people along the way can sometimes help). But the most important thing about this post is the event invitation at the very end. Don’t miss it! Smooches, Swift Prelude: Plan. Then Jump. In 2006 I quit my job as a Marketing [...]

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Dear Diary

Dear Diary 012: A Twig Snapping

3 Comments 16 November 2010

Cyclists crash all the time. I realize I’m not special. But hitting the ground the way I did 12 days ago – and what happened in the time that it took me to get to the pavement – jarred me in a way that other accidents haven’t. In my description of the crash I write [...]

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Dear Diary

Dear Diary 011: The Solitude of Mountains

2 Comments 13 November 2010

I’ve been escaping to Bend. Almost weekly. Beyond amazing coffee, good friends and more than 10 breweries from which to choose, there’s a distinct brand of Quiet. It’s two days every week when I can go without talking to anyone. When I can sit in a mostly-empty living room and read books without a single [...]

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