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Kombucha: Brilliant or Barf-Tastic?

7 Comments 30 June 2009

I love Kombucha. It tastes weird, is unpredictably fizzy, makes rampant and unfounded health claims, and costs a small fortune - I mean how much better can a hippy, new-age, health fad get?

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Kale Krazy: Roasty Toasty Roughage

4 Comments 12 May 2009

Super easy, stupid-simple and seriously savory. This is going to become a regular snack around here for sure. As scary-good as kale is for your health, you should give it a shot, too. You may even be able to convert some non-believers. Thanks to Patrick and Michael for the roasting tip! There were a few other recipes mentioned that I plan to try in the next few weeks. Stay tuned, Kale Komandos.

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Kale that Doesn’t Suck

16 Comments 10 May 2009

I love kale. There, I said it. But I know that not everyone gets as into dinosaur food as I do. Usually, I just chop it, steam it, salt it and eat it, but tonight I decided to put a little effort in and see if I could make it palatable for Sal. It worked. This is simple - and would be great for spinach or chard or other leafy greens, too - but I swear it's good. Sal-tested, Sicilian-approved.

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Better Whey of Life Protein-Fortified Yogurt Review

6 Comments 05 May 2009

Protein-fortified yogurt? Get the full scoop on this new, improved yogurt product from Better Whey of Life. Protein bonanza! Yee-haw!

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7 Tips for Endurance Nutrition

3 Comments 04 February 2009

Training camp isn’t just all long rides and sunshine. The beauty of being at the Cycling House is that the staff is a sweet, little band of pros and former pros – and they’re eager to share their knowledge. Night time means cozying up in the living room for talk-time.  It’s kind of like singing [...]

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Wait, Did You Just Say “Diabetic”?

22 Comments 15 January 2009

Actually, she said “pre-diabetic”. But the D word still came out. I held the phone away from my ear for a moment and made a “WTF” face. “Really?” “Yeah, your glucose levels are really high.  Not in the diabetic range yet, but very close.”

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