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Southern California Solo Desert Tour: Just the Photos

13 Comments 07 March 2011

Hot, dry, desolate, vibrant, bad, good, creepy, calming, inspiring, crazy, and everything in between; this was definitely one of the strangest trips I’ve taken in a while. From camping in the Yuha Desert near a state prison to tackling the majestic Montezuma Grade in Anza-Borrego State Park, there was a little bit of everything. Highs [...]

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Photos from the Photo Show: Bikethropology at Courier Coffee

2 Comments 28 January 2011

Count this as a mega thank you to Joel and all the awesome boys over at Courier Coffee for hosting our photo show this past month. Elly Blue, Russ Roca and I each hung cycling-related work depicting our individual perspectives on the world of two-wheeled wonder. Thanks also to everyone who turned up at our [...]

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CCX Elite Nationals Photos: Unicorn Speedos and Lucky Monkey Rings

2 Comments 22 December 2010

Cyclocross Nationsals Day 5 Highlights. I set myself free on the final day of Nationals, stashed all my heavy gear in a safe place and ran around with my 7D and 50mm lens only. It was refreshing. This is what I saw. My favorites include the shot of Beautiful Brubaker’s amazing muscular ass and quad [...]

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You + Ninkrossi Cross Race = Best Saturday Ever

4 Comments 13 October 2010

Dear God, Make me a ‘cross racer. So I can drink. Lots and lots of beer. Dear God, Make me a ‘cross racer. So I can drink. Lots and lots of beer. Not just any beer, though. Amazing beer. Hoppy beer! Fantastic beer! The beer to end all beer! I’m talking about Ninkasi, of course. [...]

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Ladies Auxiliary ‘Cross Skinsuits – Get ‘em While They’re Hot!

19 Comments 08 October 2010

Available for the next three days only (accepting order through Monday 8am), I give you the Ladies Auxiliarysuper ninja-fied skinsuit of death! (hey, did I mention that I started a women’s cross team with Natalie Ramsland of Sweetpea Bicycles? I did! It’s rad! It’s so fun! More on that later.) These Castelli speedsuits are OH-LA-LA [...]

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Photos: Hot Asphalt and Camping in Recovery Tights

10 Comments 09 August 2010

Just the photos. Stories later.

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