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Gear Friday: Bundle Up, Buttercup

6 Comments 25 April 2008

No shocker here.  This Gear Friday is dedicated to my favorite ways to stay warm during Portland’s Endless Winter. I can ride for about an hour in almost any kind of weather, without a ton of fancy gear.  It’s when the rides start getting longer than that (which is basically all of them) that the [...]

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Gear Friday: It’s All About the Kulo

12 Comments 18 April 2008

I remember with great clarity the first time Sal pulled out the chamois butter. That moment was characterized by a creeping feeling of horror, amazement, curiosity, and amusement. "You’re going to do what with that?" I’d asked him. Needless to say, I shook my head, chuckled softly, and promptly tried as hard as possible to [...]

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Shoe Poll Closes Today: Nike? Really?

13 Comments 17 January 2008

I’m going to close the running shoe poll today so if you’ve been holding off, hoping to be the dark horse, now’s the time to come charging forth. I don’t know why, but I’m surprised that Nike is so far out in front.  I shouldn’t be I guess – I wore Nikes for years and [...]

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Bike Fit: Michael Sylvester, Genius in Residence

3 Comments 22 December 2007

There’s nothing quite like watching someone set to work doing something that they are really, really good at.  It’s the way I feel when I see Sal racing his bike, or when I watch my mother interview someone, or see my sister presenting to a group. People in their element.  People who have followed their [...]

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Santa Came Early: Iro is my Hero

3 Comments 14 December 2007

My mom is going blow a gasket if she reads this (she’s adamant about Christmas gifts being left until Christmas although that never stopped her from unwrapping and then re-wrapping her own gifts early – I’m not kidding). Santa just came in a brown UPS truck and dropped off my present.  My little elf (Hi [...]

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The Mother of All Sports Bras

8 Comments 28 November 2007

When it comes to sports bras, I’m partial.  Not fancy, but partial.  You may think that it’s not important for us microscopically endowed ladies but I’m here to tell you – it is. For years and years and years my favorite sports bras were two plain black ones that I got from Fred Meyer as [...]

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