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Short Track Tips for Dirt Rookies

Comments Off 24 June 2009

Last year, I was terrified of short track.  Terrified. Let’s not understate that, ok?  Frightened to the point of near-tears. I got my mountain bike a few months before the season started and had done some decent rides, but I was still wobbling around on the knobbies all tipsy style. Even the punk kids on [...]

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Short Track for Rookies: Dedicated to the Speedy Recovery of Colby Brooks

8 Comments 24 June 2008

Short track. PIR.  My first mountain biking race.  Seventh mountain biking ride. I arrive late after a long debate as to whether or not I should even go.  No pre-ride. 10 minute "warm up". Go! Gun.  Pedal pedal pedal. Since I don’t know the course, I want to be in front so I can see [...]

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Try Not to Get Chills

6 Comments 20 April 2008

I did not TT today as planned.  I left the snow and sleet and rain to the hardmen and I followed my gut, which was following my heart, which was following my joy. I rode my new mountain bike in Forest Park with friends.  Then I went into the darkroom to do some printing. It [...]

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Confessions of a Front Brake Masher

1 Comment 03 June 2007

And Physics said, “Thou shalt not grab thine front break in a panic whilst descending. Particularly so when thou art descending quickly over a large tree root in the middle of the trail.” Blessed be the Word of Physics. Indeed. Such blasphemy invokes an epic battle – the struggle of momentum, deceleration, and center-of-gravity. You’re [...]

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