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No Really, Get Your Iron Checked.

7 Comments 16 April 2008

I’ll admit it.  I was mega-skeptical about this whole iron thing when it came up.  It’s one of those things where one person tells you about something and then you start hearing it all over. The iron buzz!!  Get your iron checked!  Everyone is doing it! It all started last year when I met HG [...]

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Progress, Diversion, Perspective. In doses.

5 Comments 08 April 2008

I have always complained about the way cycling is all-consuming.  I complained about it in the beginning when I was a Cycling Widow and I will complain about it now that I am a Cycling Harlot. It takes over everything.  Everything. The clothing – it must be constantly washed and cared for.  The gear must [...]

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Big Miles, Small Miracles, and a Three Man Rescue Team

10 Comments 22 March 2008

At mile 54, Steve Brown rolls up to me with his big three million dollar grin. "How ya feelin’?" There is no room for pretense at this point, no room for bravado.  I checked my ego at the door after the 26 mph "warmup". "Steve.  I am in so much pain.  I want to chop [...]

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Redefining Competition: On Preparing to Join the Peloton

5 Comments 14 March 2008

So much running and cycling.  So many training rides, so many heart rate files. My legs need time. They develop slower than I’d like.  I push and push and push them to go farther, climb faster, do more.  They ache all the time. Their ache is my favorite sign of progress. Indeed, as I build [...]

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Feeling Good Never Felt So Good

8 Comments 03 March 2008

On Saturday I got back on the bike for real.  I went out with a teammate to go long and slow.  Long and steady.  My training doesn’t usually call for LSD, so I was looking forward to ignoring the HR monitor and just riding. I wanted to learn a new route, so I called on [...]

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Training While Sick: What’s the Verdict?

11 Comments 27 February 2008

My cousin asked me about this a little over a month ago when she was down with some really nasty cold/flu stuff.  "Should I run?" I told her to stop and get better.  Or, if she did want to get a few miles in just for sanity’s sake, to go someplace warm (a gym) and [...]

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