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Dear Diary 014: Winter Running and Yellow Attack Hug Memories

1 Comment 20 December 2010

There was a couple running together on a country road. They were chatting while the woman’s long ponytail bobbed obediently behind her. The sight of them made me shudder. I prefer to run alone. Last week I found every song in my iTunes library that had the word “run” in the title and made a [...]

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We used to race from the gut.

13 Comments 25 January 2010

We used to race from the gut. At least that’s how it seemed. We didn’t know about macronutrients or sports nutrition or myofascial release. We didn’t get massages or wear compression tights to bed or have fancy tools to measure our output. We had a coach. His name was Storksen. He yelled at us while [...]

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Cycling, Cyclocross, Racing, Running

It’s time to run.

3 Comments 10 September 2009

Yep, that’s right. It’s cross season and all the little cycling boys and girls are getting ready to make mud pies and sprint up little hills while bicycle-toting. Besides the fact that I L-O-V-E the rain (you can throw punches at me next time you see me for saying that, but it’s true), I also [...]

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“Beyond the Epic Run” – Inspiration in Doses

2 Comments 13 January 2009

I’ve always admired ultra-distance runners.  Their sheer will is mind-boggling (and a little nuts, in the endearing way). Running 100 miles?  Insane.  There are people who get all worked up about riding 100 miles for Pete’s sake. Running around the world?  What are you, crazy?

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Back to the Track: Speed Workouts Without Spew

4 Comments 01 August 2008

The psychological progression of waking up early for hard workouts always entertains me. 5:30am Alarm: Roll over. Hit snooze. Tell myself I should send a cancellation text because doesn’t it look kind of gray and cold outside? 5:40am Snooze Alarm #2: Roll over. Hit snooze again. Tell myself I will get up a little later [...]

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Guccis and Mason Jennings

1 Comment 25 July 2008

San Jose, California.  Black coffee and toast. The floral tablecloth is covered in clear plastic.  Sal’s family is moving around me. The toast will be unwelcome cargo in 25 minutes, but my gut is singing songs to me and I have to wait for my iPhone to load up new music. I’ve cut my hair [...]

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