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Not That Hard Core

7 Comments 22 January 2008

This morning I woke up at 5:00am, put on my cold weather running gear, and went downstairs to enjoy a pre-run coffee. "Perfect. Everything is perfect.", I thought to myself as I sipped hot liquid Stumptown love in an oversized mug. Then I shoved music into my pocket, strapped on the heart rate monitor, and [...]

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My Left Foot

3 Comments 17 January 2008

At high noon I am off in every direction.  The heart of me shooting skyward, the soles of me pressing down into scarred pavement, the eyes of me dead set on a hazy horizon.

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Shoe Poll Closes Today: Nike? Really?

13 Comments 17 January 2008

I’m going to close the running shoe poll today so if you’ve been holding off, hoping to be the dark horse, now’s the time to come charging forth. I don’t know why, but I’m surprised that Nike is so far out in front.  I shouldn’t be I guess – I wore Nikes for years and [...]

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Running is My Always Lover

11 Comments 17 December 2007

I’ve always been a runner.  No really, I’m one of those people that can not run for ages and then just go out and do five miles – or six – whatever.  It’s just sort of how I’m built.  It’s in my blood.  It’s like breathing to me… just part of how I make it [...]

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A Shout Out: My Cousin Kicks it HARD

1 Comment 11 December 2007

Before I get down to nighttime eating strategies, I want to give a quick shout-out to my cousin Jenny, who is fast becoming a gigantic source of inspiration for me. Prior to this year Jenny had a fairly low level of activity.  Her eating habits weren’t the best.  She, like all of us, has battles [...]

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I Guess I Shouldn’t Be Surprised: Marion Jones Joins the Heartbreaker Club

4 Comments 06 October 2007

I hate this shit. I just want to get it out there.   I really do. I hate sticking my neck out every day and trying to convince people that competitive sports provide this amazing opportunity and outlet.  I hate the little Pollyanna optimist in my gut that keeps getting kicked in the teeth every [...]

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