Seven Minutes.

Comments Off 03 February 2007

Boot Camp ended this week and I wanted to run my timed mile in under 7 minutes. That was my goal. I got a chest cold on Thursday morning, the day before the run, but I figured I could still pull it off. I also wanted 60 pushups in the push-up test. I did 40 [...]

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Comments Off 24 January 2007

Dear Boot Camp Diary, I spent about 75 seconds On Tuesday in a full gymnastic bridge, with my forehead on the ground, back arched, hips high, feet flat on the ground. I have been working into the position slowly. The world was throbbing and bright when I righted myself. Pulsing and vibrant. Heroin! Crack! What [...]

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What a Morning

Comments Off 20 January 2007

I forgot. I had forgotten how much I love running hills. I mean – I love running hills. Steep, long, whatever. Give them to me. I love them. We ran a couple today in Boot Camp and my body perked up and said, “Hey. We know what this is…” In San Francisco I used to [...]

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Rain Run

Comments Off 11 November 2006

It continues to rain. I may eat my words later (and I promise to own it when I do) but I love this weather. Riding home in the rain is fucking religious. Little drops accumulating on my face, the dark, cloudy night sky above me. My michelin tires spraying through puddles that I have purposefully [...]

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Therapy. Cubed.

Comments Off 17 October 2006

Last night I left work at 5:30pm and ran the Esplanade. I ran fast. As fast as I could. And it felt good. I haven’t run in a while and I have no idea why. I expected to be slow, bogged down, pathetic, in pain. But I cranked “Lose Yourself” and found myself in flight. [...]

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Finally, Rain. And the Race for the Cure.

Comments Off 15 September 2006

When the massage therapist arrived on Wednesday night the first thing that she said to me was, “Hey. Did you notice that it’s fall now? Do you remember when that happened?” “Yeah. At 3:00pm.” She laughed because I was right. It is starting to be tradition for me to write about the onset of fall. [...]

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