Chasing Mountain Goats: Veloforma Team Ride Report

I was the third to arrive at Goose Hollow this morning for the team ride and I found Mark and Miranda inside, huddled around steaming mugs of coffee.

“What’s the plan today, coach?”

“Well, I was thinking of doing the O.C. loop with a bunch of westside stuff tacked on, but Becka is driving up for the ride and Miranda promised her we’d climb so…”

I’ll be honest with you.  That was absolutely the last thing I wanted to hear come out his mouth.

But I’m alive.  (If you saw my workout file, you’d wonder how that’s possible.)

The full ride report is up over at my column for Wend: Chasing Mountain Goats.

P.S. I’m sorry you have to click through, but the Wend column is actually a really cool opportunity for me and those kids are something fabulous – I’m stoked to be working with them.  For now, I’ll always link there first and then post the full entry here after a few days.

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  1. Way to gut it out you guys…I know it’s going to be a great season for you!


  2. Love to see some route maps of a few team training rides — not your super secret faves, but something that we in the weekend warrior category could go out and test ourselves on some weekend.


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