Chicks Dig the Ride

In 2005 I wrote “Chicks Dig the Long Ball”, a short conversation in which my softball teammate Kath and I debated the virtues of the fat, soaring long ball versus, say, an opposite field triple. [Let the record show that I favor the opposite field triple although in 2005 I couldn't pull it off. In 2006 I moved to Portland and met a coach who taught me how to make the magic.]

Remembering this conversation reminded me of a few things:

  1. Kathy. Are you out there? I fucking love you, woman.
  2. Lesbian softball players are basically my favorite iteration of the human form.
  3. Despite my generally anti-social tendencies, I love being in the right group of women. Doing rad shit.

I’ve been working on a story about women and cycling and along the way I’ve had the opportunity to communicate with some pretty rad ladies. It’s been inspiring and awesome. The story will be out in early June and I will post a link.

Cue to Bend where a good friend spent the morning telling me that there was a kickass pocket of mountain biking women that I had yet to meet.

“Do you know Lindsey Voreis? You should know her. You gotta meet her.”

Then I attacked my bicycle machine and made singletrack smiles.

Then this video surfaces – an ode to Women and Knobbies by Voreis (and husband Kirt) herself. Watch, smile, learn.

Then go ride bikes. FuckYeahChicksOnBikes!

Ladies AllRide from Kirt Voreis on Vimeo.

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  1. I feel for the little girl on the Skuut so hard! She’s like, “I’m fucking trying here, but I have no drive train, I don’t know if you noticed!” Yeah…. sometimes being a girl on a bike can feel like that.

  2. Yes yes and yes! Thanks for posting this Heidi!

  3. Wow, I’ve never had much of a desire to get on a mountain bike…until that video. Amazing!

  4. FuckYeahChicksOnBikes!
    This post and video made me very happy. Thanks!

  5. Love it! Wish I could find so many great lady riding partners near PDX…Bend envy, again! :)

  6. Awesome! Love that vid – CX season is just about to start in Melbourne – can’t wait!

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