Chris Horner Gives Fallen Rider (and bike) a 2k Ride to the Finish

The leaders had already come through when a moto approached me and said, “Get your camera ready – one hell of a shot is coming your way”

I readied.

30 seconds later, the form of a rider appeared up the road.  Wait.  A rider?  Two riders?  What the hell is that thing?  As the form approached, I began to realize that Chris Horner was actually giving someone a ride on the back of his bike.  Uphill.  To the finish.  After busting ass to help Levi for 70 some-odd miles.

And, wait.  What IS that?  Is the guy carrying his bike?

Yes.  Yes he is.

He came across the line to huge applause.


Apparently, Billy Demong (also a Nordic skier for the US Ski Team!) from Team American R.A.D.D./AGEL crashed with 2k to go, bike and body completely thrashed.

Horner stopped and said, “Hey dude, get on.” (you can imagine Horner saying this, right? : ) and then rode them both up the hill to the finish.

What a class act.

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  1. Atlanta-Cyclist

    I met Chris Horner at the first Tour de Georgia. He was a class act then and he’s a class act now.

  2. But would Chris Horner have given Jason McCartney a ride after Horners cry-baby whining in Velonews about JMac being picked over Horner for the Olympic road race?

  3. At the Sea Otter Classic Laguna Seca pits in ’99 stood Chris, talking to his prior Nutra Fig teamates. 20 feet over Mr. Phinney was interviewing a rider, for OLN.


  4. That made what has been so far a pretty crappy day into a pretty okay day. Thanks. :-)

  5. So glad I found this blog, love the inspiring photo.

  6. This man is a class act, and it renews my faith in my fellow man.

  7. LantyRouge

    Hello, here via Bonnie D Ford’s twitter. What a great story & accompanying photos – I couldn’t quite believe it when Astana announced their roster. I’m definitely adding your blog to the RSS reader :)

  8. Chris should never NOT have a ride.

  9. wonder whatever happened to that Bill Demong. Probably quit. ;-)

  10. sam krieg

    wow. from a free ride to the finish to GOLD in vancouver. I think Bill should thank Horner for the gold.

  11. An absolute brilliant show of classy sportsmanship! Way to go Chris!

  12. Chris Horner is a gentleman amongst men. He has always been gracious. He seems always demonstrate a selflessness that does not often come within the ranks of pro athletes. I think Chris demonstrates a level of sportsmanship for us all!


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