Cross Crusade #4: Astoria (The Picture Book Version)

I’m whooped.

My legs are fried.

For now, the picture book version of the race weekend. 

I pre-rode the course and realized I was undergeared (actually, I realized this at Horning’s, but I didn’t change my front chainring).
Good friend Gregg came to the rescue and gave me the 40 (I was running a 42) off of his pit bike.
That is the cyclocross version of "the shirt off my back".

Sal rented the biggest tent he could get from REI.  We called it "the palace".


We scored a spot right on the course for prime viewing.


Jeff and Britt brought their WonderDog who entertained us with endless ball chasing.


Such a beautiful dog!



Our tent was so ginormous we actually had a "porch" area.
In this picture my "get’n shit don boots" are sitting out front.


Sherry’s bike was all primed and ready to rock n’ roll, Halloween style.


Our tent was similarly decked out.  Scary skulls!


WonderDog Mid-Air Catch.



Sal and Gregg check out my new gear set-up after taking a few links out of my chain.
Job well done!


Steve and Sal warm up and watch the Mens C race.
(Steve once again annihilated the B+ category after starting in 40th position… on a mountain bike.  Steve, time to meet the Cat A boys :)


Many riders were in costume.
I hearted the Mormon missionaries the best.


Kitty-cat on shoulder guy was also pretty cute, though I have no idea what the hell he was supposed to be.




What’s a costume race without a gorilla?

Passing a freak in a furry bikini.  Don’t ask.

Climbing the last hill. 

Trying to get the hell away from that furry bikini freak!

Sierra… KILLIN’ IT!!!


Race report tomorrow.
Sleep tight!



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  1. love the mormons!

  2. Love the muff divers!

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