Cross Vegas: Beer and Bunnyhopping Big Boys

Lights, cameras, beer!

What a show.  We rolled with an impossibly crazy posse, crashed the VIP area (thanks, Brad!), stole flats of beer, made Flava-Flav style necklaces out of stolen objects, and heckled Mr. Armstrong.

Most memorable?  Lance comes down the hill past us on a warm up lap.  Dead silence until “Little” (aka Richard)  calls out, “Hey!  Is that Floyd Landis!?”  I thought Armstrong was going to come over the fence and punch Little in the neck.

This is how hard we laughed all night (this is “Big” aka Brook, with Daryl in the background):


Little, post-Lance-heckle:


YES more cowbell now:


Little represents in a Cross Crusade T-Shirt and custom made rapstar-worthy necklace made from “acquired” goods:


When we sent Little back for more beer, he showed up with this (only it was full):

Local hero and all-around stud Ryan Trebon took the elite men’s field and steam engine Katie Compton delivered a crushing victory despite my desperate vocal support for my favorite, Georgia Gould (she had a mechanical but took third behind teammate Katarina Nash).

This video from Sam Smith really captures the night.  There’s nothing like seeing the big-boys bunnyhopping barriers, especially when they eat it.

CrossVegas Cyclo-Cross 2008 from sam smith on Vimeo.

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  1. And way to go Adam Craig for 3rd! :) That video was awesome!

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