Cyclists: You Have to Read This Blog

Actually, I’m pretty sure that most of you already do.

But, just in case you don’t, I have to take this moment to point you to it.

This is one of those rare blogs that is both extremely informative and impeccably well-written.  Besides that, this guy truly knows the meaning of PRO and reading this blog will make you sound smarter and more sexy. Well, it will at least make you sound more PRO.

Enter Belgian Knee Warmers

I am inspired to point you to BKW after reading a recent post entitled "Cold".  The entry is not only poetic in its tightly constructed prose, it also resonates deeply with what many cyclists are feeling right now in relation to the weather.  It was one of those things that I read and think, "Damnit!! I wish I had written that!".  (And that usually only happens when I’m reading Jeanette Winterson.)

Beyond the writing, the site is beautiful and the accompanying photography compelling.  Useful Flagship content like "The Art of the Bike Wash", "PRO Defined", and "Code of the Road" provide some of the most insightful, experience-based, and applicable bike knowledge that I’ve ever come across.

Besides, he reminded me to pick up and re-read Krabbe.  For that alone I should be singing BKW’s praises.

For those not in the know, he provides a brief explanation of the blog title in his sidebar:

For many professional cyclists the Spring campaign is the toughest of the season; it means training from October until March in the worst, character-building weather conditions Europe can dish out. This weather and the suffering that is bicycle racing breed characters known as "hardmen".

Select cyclists tackle these conditions in shorts, long sleeve jerseys or short sleeve jerseys with arm warmers, wind vests, and shoe covers. A true hardman opts to forego the knee or leg warmers and instead chooses an embrocation to cover the knees. The liniment provides warmth for the legs and keeps the blood circulating and muscles supple. Embrocation and the sheen created is affectionately known as "Belgium knee warmers". The hardest of cyclists will sport bare legs in the most ruthless of conditions.

Belgium Knee Warmers are indicitive of the many subtleties that make professional cycling so enthralling.

Check him out.  Sites like this are a rare treasure these days.


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  1. Timely – I’m reading The Rider for 1st time right now. I’m a big fan of BKW except for one thing. He keeps talking up bikes I can’t even afford to read about. Damn bike porn :) Forgiven, however, for being a BOB. (Google “What the hell is a BOB?” if you don’t know).

  2. Should have included this. Speaking of “cold” this is true hardness.

  3. Holy hell! That was fantastic.
    Thanks for the link.
    And I did have to look up BOB. Crazy!
    I heart bike porn major style.

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