Cyclocross is Coming: Prepare Thyself

What’s muddy and wet and fun all over? 

You guessed it.  Cyclocross.  And it’s practically here.  I can’t even believe it. 

Star-crossed registration opened and Molly Cameron reports that one of her teammates took the hole shot for Elite registration.  Meanwhile, my buddy Heather G had a category dilemma and made the right decision (she’s racing elite at star-crossed! she kills!).

Me?  Well, I’ve taken care of the most important part of any Cyclocross season as evidencedby Exhibit A:

A stockpile of Stone Brewery Limited Edition Imperial Russian Stout.

The Anniversary Chocolate Oatmeal Stout isn’t bad either (thanks to Matt D’elia for the tipoff on both of these beers, by the way). I’m adding these bad boys to my birthday wish list.

As for the new bike – it’s on the way – I’ll be sure to plan a big unveiling party on the blog when it arrives. In the meantime, get thee to the Feed and Seed to stock up on rubber boots, cowbells and silly $17 rain jackets. And if you’re looking for a little inspiration, visit Cyclocross Magazine (snag a print subscription while you’re there – it’s a great little rag!) or visit their beta forums to ogle a little ‘cross photo lovin’Cyclocross World is also worth a stop.

Looking for some gear geekery?  Stop by Plus One Lap for everything you could ever hope to read about superlight ‘cross bikes or check out ErikV’s dish on brakes, tubeless clinchers, and Morningstar reusable dust caps

For all the cyclocross photo mayhem you can handle, check out Flickrs ‘cross tag set and subscribe to the feed to prove your CX fervor to the world.

Need more? Check out Mud and Cowbells and wish Greg a speedy recovery. Then go to his Cafepress store because, frankly, his banner is dope.

And finally, if you’re one of those stalker types, kill a day or two researching the training habits of your nemeses. 

Bring me mud.




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  1. You doin Starcrossed? I’ll be there, I can’t wait!

    Only thing left to do is figure out my damn brakes. Oh, and do some training. :) Hopefully this year I can master the remount.

  2. Training? What training?
    I’m not sure if I’m doing star-crossed or not. Sal says I am but I haven’t registered yet :)

  3. Awww yeah.. thanks for the shout-out sistah! Hopefully we’ll have one more reason to celebrate soon!

  4. Don’t forget to slide into cross with the Krueger’s Kermesse Series!

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