CCX Nationals Photos: Friends

I’m still processing the fact that I raced my bike when it was 28 degrees below freezing.

While I process that (and schedule a doctor’s appointment to have my still-numb big toes examined -eek), I’ll distract you with a gallery of photos featuring friends and locals. Oregon represent!

Mash this link to visit the ginormous version.

I’m pretty disheartened with the Facebook photo interface so they’re not posted there, but feel free to steal them and upload them to your profile if you like!

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  1. Cool photos, thanks for sharing! That green guy is pretty funny looking. Good luck with your big toes. Yikes!

  2. Great photos. I wanted to head over, but ended up not. Sounds like it was quite epic. When’s the helmet cam footage coming? :)

    I hope you and your toes get well soon.

  3. Great photos. Thanks for all the cheers during the race!!!

  4. Sal looks REALLY cold in those race photos. If your toes are really still numb you should do some warm water soaks and then keep them encased in toasty warm wool socks (of course) and take a 325mg aspirin once daily for a week or so. It helps to thin the blood so that it can circulate through the little piggies to warm them up faster and to help the nerves recover more quickly. Taking Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 will help the nerves too. Learned from treating a lot of frostbite in the midwest (including my own from too many December rides in Michigan & Kansas).

  5. Thank you, Mac! Doctor today gave similar advice minus the aspirin-B6-VitC which is smart! Also have a problem with my submental lymph node ever since the race. They gave me a general antibiotic as a precaution.
    That race was BRUTAL!


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