Damocles Lust: Ok, I Admit It Was Me

About a month ago, Kenji posted a picture of his bike with hearts photoshopped all around it (I can’t find the entry, because he posts so freaking much, or I’d put it here). Anyway, along with the picture he noted: “Someone is lusting after my bike”

I admit it. It was me.

That bike is effing hott (tiny!!).  And I had a hard time forgetting about it.

This week’s Everyday Cyclist column is out in the Oregonian, and it covers a favorite topic: bike love.  In it, I give a nod to the Damocles’ hottness, but pay tribute to the love of my life: Nonna, the Wonder Pinarello.  I also tell a few stories about Sal (poor Sal) that anyone who actually knows him will certainly believe.

If I could have, I probably would have made the headline something like “Bike Love: We are f—ing crazy”.  Because we are.  Especially me.  And Sal.

But the Oregonian is a family newspaper and my editor there is a smart, smart lady, so we went with something else instead.

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  1. Yaha. See that little google search at the top? :)


  2. I have a really good bike love story…I’ll be sure to tell you about it next time i see ya :)

  3. Guy Smith

    Love or Obsession, as my wife claims it to be! I have it!

  4. On the subject of a new lighter cross rig. I just picked up a second wheelset for my Poprad – just the stock stuff. But the guy who sold it to me (cat 3) had turned his into a light road race machine – Zipp wheels with Chris King disc hubs, carbon cranks (single ring), bar, etc, wide-range 9-speed cassette with carbon xtr derailler and no brifters – just a single downtube shifter for the rear. 18 lbs. So It’s possible to go lighter with the cross frame you have, if so inclined. Downtube shifter probably a bad idea, but I’m kind of intrigued by the thought of using a single bar-end shifter and aero levers? His upgrades probably cost the same as a new carbon bike!


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