Dear Diary 007: I Want Sammy Back

Wells Fargo parking lot. Bewildered puppy walking zig-zag style. Won’t go near anyone. Clearly disoriented.

I have a way with dogs so I talk sweet to him. Crouch down real low. Make the kissy noises.

“Oh, Sammy!” I say when he comes to me and I read the tag.

A woman from the bank comes out and says, “You got him! We’ve been trying for a while!”

Cue a gathering crowd.

There’s a phone number on the cell phone so I dial it, but I’m gonna let you in on something, I was secretly hoping no one would pick up. Sammy would need a place to sleep. Sal would fall in love, the cats would be won over.

There are three of us gathered around now while the phone is ringing. No answer. Nothing. I suck a little breath real sharp in excitement.

We’re going home! I’m rescuing a dog! This is going to be great!

I have almost forgotten the 82-page document at home that I’d been rushing back to.

Just then a man in dark sunglasses walks up.  Total silence, comes right at me. I don’t notice that his cell phone is ringing until he bends over to grab Sammy.

“Oh! Is he yours?”

No response. He just hoists Sammy onto his shoulder and walks away. No “Thank you”, no explanation, no nothing.

“You’re welcome.” I say quietly.

The lady from the bank looks at me and then goes back inside.

Later as I’m driving home I see Sunglass Man throw Sammy into the backseat of a black sedan and drive away. The bumper sticker says, “Dog is my co-pilot.”


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  1. obadiah

    This is a “shard” — John Bennett style.
    good stuff.

  2. What a jerk! I hope he loves and appreciates Sammy as much as you already do. But regardless – some folks need some “education,” if you know what I mean.

  3. Some people don’t deserve the unconditional love of a dog. I have also found & returned dogs to people who react as if I had handed over something they inadvertently dropped, like a book. Not like it was a life they even valued. Jerks.

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