Did Anyone Get the License Plate Number?

The evil kid germs that I lamented yesterday took their full SuperPower Form inside my chest yesterday as I gutted my way through the shoot.  By this morning they were raging a small flu-war inside my body.  I am smashed and demolished.

I won’t into long, painful details about all of the ways that I hurt right now, but rest-assured that today was not the day for a time trial effort. 

It’s extremely hard for me to sit out and watch other people race, but it was the right decision this time.

It’s a long season and there is a lot of racing left.  I kept telling myself that.

The weather was stellar, Sal put in a great performance and Portland Velo was out in force.  A bald eagle circled over us in the morning as the first riders were on their trainers in the tent. 

All signs point to a good season ahead, mine will just have to start a little later.

In other news, we’ve pushed the San Francisco trip out a week so that I don’t have to travel with the flu.  This week is all about healing and recovery.  Sometimes stepping back is the fastest path to progress.


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One comment

  1. Oh no!!! I am so sorry if it was my small petri dish (or myself) that caused this fiasco. Frankly, I’m hoping you can pin the blame on someone else. :)

    I’ll give you the same advice you gave me – rest, rest, and more rest. You’ll be back in the saddle in no time.

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