Double Chocolate Pecan Shake (Yes, I swear it’s good for you.)

Sal has a hardcore sweet tooth.

Protein shakes have come a long way and, in general, they taste pretty good when made with dairy or soy milk – especially Jay Robb.  My sister especially loves BSN Chocolate Fudge flavor.

However, even chocolatey protein shakes are sometimes not enough to satisfy my sweets-craving boyfriend.  But I finally figured out what will.

The other day, standing in the grocery store trying to find the "lite" soy milk that I like, I noticed the chocolate soy milk.  "Ha! I wonder how much sugar is in this crap."  I thought to myself in my best super-skeptical, healthier-than-thou, what-would-tom-venuto-or-john-berardi-do voice.

I picked up the box.

17g of sugar per cup.

That’s a lot.  But not as much as I expected.  I put the carton in my basket.

That night, I made a chocolatey-protein bliss-mobile worthy of any countryside burger joint.  I’m serious – that shit was good.  I got the affirming Sicilian-moans-of-food-ecstasy from Sal and knew I’d stumbled upon something great.

He asks for them all the time now.  ALL the time! 

While the sugar content is a little higher than I’d like, I can afford to gulp these every once in a while, too.  Add 1/8 cup pecans per each shake and you’ve got your dose of good fats along with an incredible flavor and smoothness that only pecans can deliver.

Tweak, refine, customize, and consume as you like.  The important components are:

  • Chocolate soy instead of your regular soy or regular dairy milk
  • Some ice, for texture
  • Scoop of your favorite chocolate protein powder
  • 1/8 c. pecan

For variations try adding almond butter instead of the pecans, or add a banana and some L-glutamine for an especially effective post-workout recovery drink.  Adding flax-seed oil is always a double-bonus.

Have a chocolatey day,

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  1. Yum! I’ve got to try this. I love your food skillz.


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